Scandia's St. Sauver Jr. in trouble for keeping gators, killing horses, guns, pot, 'shrooms...

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St. Sauver Jr., on a boat, looking for his escaped gators.
:::: UPDATE :::: Scandia's St. Sauver Jr., in trouble for keeping gators and killing horses, dies in one-car wreck

We first had occasion to mention William St. Sauver Jr. in Blotter last August, when his two pet alligators escaped from his Scandia residence and wound up in Goose Lake.

Earlier this week, in connection with that incident, St. Sauver Jr. pleaded guilty to a petty misdemeanor charge of keeping wild exotic animals. He was fined $585, Washington County court officials tell us. But he's in bigger trouble because of something more sinister that happened a couple months later.

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As we told you about last November, St. Sauver Jr. faces two felony animal torture charges for allegedly killing two American Saddlebred horses that were owned by someone else but boarded on his property.

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St. Sauver Jr.'s mugshot

Although St. Sauver Jr. initially told authorities the horses were accidentally killed by hunters, a neighbor who witnessed one of the animals being shot eventually came forward to police with this account of what happened (taken from the criminal complaint):
B.J.B. stated that on November 9, 2013 at approximately 3:00 p.m. he was at the residence on Oldfield Avenue North loading hay. B.J.B. stated that as he was loading up the hay he heard 2 or 3 loud gunshots and saw a horse go running off. B.J.B. initially thought that the man near the horses must be trying to train the horse to be around gunshots. B.J.B. started walking over to the area to see if the male needed assistance with the horses. As B.J.B. approached he saw the horse blowing blood out of his nose, and the horse appeared to have been shot in the head. B.J.B. stated that he then decided not to approach and walked away. B.J.B. heard one more gun shot as he walked away. B.J.B. further identified the male with the horses as ST. SAUVER after seeing ST. SAUVER's picture in the newspaper. B.J.B. indicated that ST. SAUVER was not wearing hunting gear but rather "farm clothes" including a red hooded sweatshirt with a blue vest or jacket over the sweatshirt.
So the guy allegedly brutally killed well-bred horses that weren't his months after he was outed for owning animal two exotic animals he had no business keeping in Minnesota. But that's not all. Turns out St. Sauver Jr. faces even stiffer charges because of what authorities found in his bedroom while executing a search warrant connected with the horse incident.

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