Seth Nelson, aka "Dollar Store Ryan Gosling," on viral Uptown condo video: Haters gonna hate

Nelson pours himself a martini in "Date Night."
Seth Nelson, star of the bro-larious "Date Night" video that swept across the internet like wildfire last week, isn't bothered by all the attention he's receiving these days, even if much of it is ridiculing.

In fact, since Nelson is the Realtor selling the EdgeWater condo advertised in the ad, the clip's newfound viral-ness could help line his pockets.

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"I've certainly had positive feedback asking for more details about the condo, asking more about what we do as a real estate group and what kind of services we provide," Nelson, 34, tells us from California yesterday. "We've definitely gained some nice traction... we haven't sold it, but since the video we've had lots of interest and had offers, but it's a pricey unit and we've yet to find the perfect fit."

Nelson says the condo featured in the ad -- unit 503, which overlooks Lake Calhoun -- is on the market for about $2 million.

"It's more of an affluent crowd [in EdgeWater] with the price points in the building -- the lowest-price units are in the $500,000s to over $3 million for penthouses," Nelson says. "People have made certain comments about the lifestyle. Am I a proponent of the old-school Uptown hipster punk scene? Absolutely. I lived around the the lakes and love that about Uptown, that it's a cultural mecca."

"But in doing a video, I can't appeal to the masses, can't strike a chord with hipsters, punks, and business professionals," he continues. "So I had to roll with what I perceived to be the demographic of who is looking at a condo of that price point."

Many of the higher-priced units in EdgeWater were sold as nothing more than concrete shells, with owners bringing in their own architects for custom build-outs, Nelson tells us.

Nelson says the idea for "Date Night," which was filmed last September, stemmed from his observations of real estate trends in other markets.

"I practice real estate on the west coast, in Orange County -- it's more of a supplemental practice -- and I've always seen that trends, whether it be marketing trends or anything else, seem to trickle in [to the midwest] from the coasts," Nelson says. "So I took a lot of influence from what I saw in LA, Orange County, New York, Australia, Miami, places where people are going outside the box with unique and fun marketing techniques."

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