"Spice" bust in northern Minnesota town produces $4,000 in drugs, two epic mugshots

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"Spice" is used as a generic term for synthetic marijuana of the sort pictured here.
A June 26 synthetic drug bust in the small Iron Range town of Taconite resulted in the seizure of four pounds of "suspected synthetic marijuana 'Spice,'" as Itasca County officials put it. But perhaps the most intriguing part of the story are the mugshots of the two suspects arrested and charged with felony possession with intent to sell.

Suffice it to say the photos are a far, far cry from the dreamy mugshot guy whose booking photo spread across the internet like wildfire earlier this month.

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Without further ado, here are the mugshots of 53-year-old Kevin Leclair, owner of the home at 2 Stephens Street where the bust occurred, and his alleged partner in crime, 61-year-old David Thrasher:

Thrasher (left); Leclair (right)

Not only did the two allegedly possess synthetic pot with the intent to sell, but officers found "items consistent with manufacturing the synthetic marijuana as well as evidence that indicated that synthetic marijuana was being sold from the home." (Thrasher faces an additional obstruction of justice charge.)

"Officers also seized items of evidence that indicated methamphetamine use in the home," an Itasca County release continues. Color us shocked.

Itasca County officials say the bust was the result of a three-month investigation, with help provided by the State Patrol and the Grand Rapids Police Department.

Where do the mugshots of Leclair and Thrasher rank when compared with other classics we've featured on Blotter over the years? Judge for yourself. Here are some of our "greatest" hits:

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