Anti-Dayton ad uses doe-eyed DFLer, gets mocked and ridiculed [VIDEO]

Wait, wasn't Obama the guy who talked about change?
:::: UPDATE :::: Allen says decried doe-eyed anti-DFL ad is actually critique of MNGOP

North Minneapolis activist Don Allen's Independent Business News Network released the first in a series of ads he plans to put together this campaign season using (alleged) DFL voters against DFL candidates.

"A Message to the Minnesota DFL" features a doe-eyed "Minnesota Democrat" named Kathy, who, as police sirens wail in the background, tells viewers, "I have watched our governor, Mark Dayton, promise 'change' but never deliver."

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"This November, as a Democrat, I plan on making a change," Kathy continues. "I will use my vote to reset a stalled system. November 2014, I will not give my vote to any Democrat in Minnesota."

The ad closes with an endorsement of Jeff Johnson, the MNGOP-backed candidate for governor.

Here it is:

The ad wasn't well received on Twitter. Here's a sampling of some of the commentary: Reached for comment this morning, Allen says he's moving ahead with plans to produce a series of the spots. Others will feature Hispanics, African Americans, and Asians who identify as Democrats but for one reason or another have become fed up with the DFL.

Allen identifies himself as a "new Republican."
Don Allen

"The new Republicans are a little bit more focused on getting in and correcting some wrongs," Allen says. "We believe that gay marriage is a right -- people should be able to marry who they wanna marry -- we don't believe that a man in a suit should has anything to do with a woman's body... the right to life is a woman's."

"Civil rights and education are very important, whereas the current status of the MNGOP is, 'We're gonna sing to the choir as much as we can, and we're going to be exclusive, not inclusive, and open up offices all around the state but not in critical areas,'" Allen says. "The GOP under current and past leadership aren't going anywhere near north Minneapolis, [but] the Republicans aren't going to beat Ellison or McCollum when they have abandoned these local communities."

On its website, the IBNN says its goal "is to provide a different view of the local, national and global news and events that happen in the Black communities around the world."

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