Comment of the Day: Brad Pitt? Try Kato Kaelin

Mills (left) and Pitt
In fairness, Kato Kaelin is no slouch in the looks department himself.
Every day, new comments are posted on old Blotter posts. And sometimes they're LOL-worthy.

For instance, last month, we told you about Politico's comparison of the looks of Republican Eighth District U.S. House candidate Stewart Mills and Brad Pitt. Some people flat-out don't buy it -- others pointed out comparisons they think work better.

One of the latter comes courtesy of Flintstoned, who writes:


The link leads to this photo of Kaelin, who gained notoriety as a witness during the O.J. Simpson murder trial:


That's not quite as flattering as Pitt, but it is nicer than most of our commenters were to Mills:


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Todd Blowers
Todd Blowers

Suck it Kanny. I think he looks like a freaklette.

Kenny Hilliard
Kenny Hilliard

Another asinine report from City Pages Minniapolis. The reporters need to take their time and investigate and report factual information.

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