Comment of the Day: Get your T-game on?

A "terrorist" in action in Minneapolis.
The unintentionally hilarious video released by the Minneapolis Police Department earlier this week is meant to help Minneapolitans prevent terrorism.

But there's another way to take it. With its demonstrations and helpful breakdown of terrorist best practices into eight categories, some thought the clip might do more to promote terrorism than prevent it.

For instance:

Mariel's sentiment was echoed by Alan Blakely, who took things up a notch by introducing us to the term "T game":


As they video tells us, if you see Alan out and about doing anything shady, call 311 immediately!

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Tim Stang
Tim Stang

It's a crutch for weak-minded people

Jeff E Powers
Jeff E Powers

The credibility of this rag of newspaper is in jeopardy

Dan Mason
Dan Mason

They're giving terrorists way too much credit. Terrorists by their very nature are stupid people. Who else would fall for organized religion?

Jake Luse
Jake Luse

Yeah, my friends and I have laughing at that video for days now. I'm not sure what they thought they were preventing.

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