Comment of the Day: Obama stimulates the economy

Ben Garvin for the PiPress
Obama reportedly opted for Black Hills Gold ice cream during his Grand Avenue sojourn.
A lot of people say you should never read the comments, and sometimes, it's hard to blame them.

But we do read the comments. Why? Because on occasion you come across great tidbits of information like this.

Thanks to Bob Moffitt for enhancing out our story about President Obama's not-as-loose-as-he-said-it-was visit to Minnesota:


Ben Garvin for the PiPress

Who says the president hasn't stimulated the economy?

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Until the US takes a serious look at the cultural and social issues in African For communities with major difficulties such as Detroit and others, the real problem is the culture and behaviors that are so destructive.

Think about a city that's in the news now such as Ferguson Missouri.  What is molded the children growing up there.

1) Almost 10% of baby births are to 15 to 19 year olds!  That's not gonna make life easy!

2) Unwed mothers as a % of all births-82%!!!!  How do you think that will work out?

3) 47% of the families are headed by only a mom.
4)37% of the people are in poverty and not working!
5) 23% of the families don't have anyone working! DISASTER!
6)Number of people living in poverty larger than any other city around them. And, of the families in poverty, 36% have kids under 12 in them.

What do you think is going to happen to the kids growing up here? Children from single parents households are one of the greatest predictors of drug abuse and ending up in jail.

This is not unlike many many cities in America today.  These kids have very little chance at happy and productive lives.  This is a tragedy of the greatest order in America today.  If you really want to improve cities you have to look at the social issues that most are too scared to criticize.

Andrew Berg
Andrew Berg

So his plane costs something like $180k/hr to operate just to get him here. I can't imagine what the rest of his security detail cost. Overall this whole Minneapolis trip easily cost millions of dollars! And buying a $5 ice cream cone is "stimulating the economy"?

Reier Erickson
Reier Erickson

Are there people who can actually afford Grand Ole Creamery?!

Nicola Murray
Nicola Murray

Yes, it's my favorite alongside the Cookie Monster! =)

Jim Hall
Jim Hall

As well as the economy of the USA.

OlWillyClinton topcommenter

Do you really think the president has a say in how he travels, and the security detail around him? Come on, now. Have a moment of sanity and realize what he has is no different than anyone's since President Bush Sr.'s attempted assassination. Just think before you post a comment. Just for a moment. 

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