Comment of the Day: The MNGOP's poster child of injustice

Michelle MacDonald
In light of recent stories about racial disparities in arrest rates for drug-related crimes in Minnesota -- to take just one example -- it's strange to see local Republican hold up Michelle MacDonald as their exemplar of legal injustice.

Yet that's exactly what party officials are doing in justifying their endorsement of the controversial Supreme Court candidate.

How's what _Joe_ had to say in response to our post about the ultra-bizarre email outlining the MNGOP's rationale for standing by the controversial family law attorney's candidacy:


We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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Trevor Reis
Trevor Reis

"We saw her skin color and thought, 'There's NO WAY her story matters as much as her respective peer who tanned better.'" -Minneapolis City Pages

Amber Reis
Amber Reis

I'd seriously unfollow this clearly liberal page if it didn't keep me updated on city events.

Chris Dahlen
Chris Dahlen

Oh City Pages Minneapolis, showing your blatant political bias one article after another.

MNjoe topcommenter

Oh Chris Dahlen, showing your blatant political bias one comment after another.

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