Comment of the Day: What's worse, tax hikes or forced child labor?

Our post about Eden Prairie GOP House candidate Sheila Kihne's controversial blogging features criticisms of her made by Rep. Pat Garofalo (R-Farmington), who has been putting Kihne on blast for supporting tax increases.

Garofalo cites Kihne's blog as a source. But in criticizing her on Twitter, he fails to mention the fact that on the same blog, Kihne openly supports forcing "any children 12 or over" who live in families that receive welfare to "have a job to contribute to the household income."

That observation prompted this comment from Joshua Kortbein:


Well, they do say backing tax increases is political poison for Republicans. Maybe it's even more poisonous than supporting forced child labor?

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sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

collecting welfare has gone from being a quiet sham(e) into being an 

in-yo-face-you cant -do nutn-bout-it 

race card ( except if you are white but we all know that game)


pay for others lifestyle

you cant talk about the "must work" 

sure we KNOW some people really need help

then end the welfare for votes game and let charities help the truly needy





I see nothing wrong with healthy children, whose parents are receiving welfare benefits, engaging in some form of safe and useful labor, to help offset their burden to the taxpayers who are supporting them, where their parents have failed to do so. I am forced to pay taxes, some of which is bestowed upon welfare recipients. I cannot choose to not pay taxes or to not have my taxes redistributed to welfare recipients. So who is really the slave in this situation. Also, doing a little labor might help to instill a better work ethic in these children, than watching their parents collect welfare checks.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@senatortombstone This is the ramblings of a heartless stupid asshole.  You have a terrible evil uncaring soul.    Riddle me this super genius, what if the kids don't want to work?     Are you going to hit them?    Put them in jail?  

How would children be able to properly report exploitation?    What job could they do where this would be economically viable?   What insurance company is going to insure child workers?    Child labor isn't a new idea stupid.  They tried it and it caused massive problems.   You really are the stupidest person in the world.  What an ignorant evil bastard you are.   Just stupid and mean.  Ick.  


What would happen to kids who refuse to work? Simple: no welfare benefits. What happens to me if I refuse to pay the taxes that fund their welfare? In this order: wages garnished, property seized, imprisonment, and if I put up a sufficient effort resisting arrest: death. How fair is that? MB, I am not asking you to agree with me, but I am asking for honest responses unencumbered by rhetoric. Should I be forced to pay for the welfare of others? If I resist, should I have my wages garnished and my property seized? If I continue to resist, should I be arrested? If resist, should I be killed?


MB, I highly doubt a situation would ever arise in which even the worst parent would ever stand idly by as their child starved to death, to take a stand against doing symbolic labor, in return for their welfare benefits. There are food shelves and forms of charity for indignant indigents, so they wouldn't starve. However, every day hundreds of children die, all across the third world, from starvation and preventable and curable diseases. Do you donate all of your income, beyond what is necessary for your own base needs, so that they don't die? If not, why not? Does your refusal to help make you a murderer?

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@senatortombstone It's hilarious what a arrogant prick you are that you think you know everyone's life and situation.  

Also its very telling your stupid tiny brain doesn't understand the basics of running a business.   What insurance company is going to insure a business that wants children to work for them?     

Seriously, what is your fucking damage that you think a problem with this country is lazy kids?    Just because a kid is poor they don't get to be a kid you fucking monster?   They have to work from a young age?    Do they get to go to school anymore or do they have to get a job because of the mistakes of their parents.  

You are human garbage.   You are an evil soulless dickhead.  The world will be a better place when you are dead.     

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