Don Allen says decried doe-eyed anti-DFL ad is actually critique of MNGOP

Kathy may be talking trash about Dayton, but she's really critiquing the MNGOP, Allen (right) says.
When we called Don Allen yesterday to chat with him about his ostensibly anti-Mark Dayton ad, he knew we weren't looking to write a post singing its praises.

"So -- how bad are you going to slam me?" he asked right away.

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Sure enough, our post, entitled, "Anti-Dayton ad uses doe-eyed DFLer, gets mocked and ridiculed," resulted in Allen (and, by extension, his Independent Business News Network) being mocked and ridiculed.

But later in the day, Allen called us. He explained that he actually had ulterior motives in producing and releasing the spot.

"I was hoping someone would bite," Allen, who describes himself as a "new Republican," says. "It's not necessarily that I don't like Mark Dayton. I don't like the process the MNGOP uses to be exclusive and not do what they need to do."

"All [Minnesota Republicans] can do is talk about Obama," Allen continues. "I thought, I bet I can get more publicly about a bullshit low-def amateur video that [the party] can get from a $100,000 campaign ad that you send all around the state of Minnesota. I did it, I don't care about the comments, I didn't put it through my high-end [video production] stuff and I only paid $10 to get that done."

Allen says the spot is actually meant as a subtle critique of the MNGOP's agenda.

"The message is, I'm not going to promote fiscal responsibility and small government and all that, because if you don't have a job, that means nothing," he says. "I'm realistic -- we're not gonna beat Ellison or Franken or McCollum -- the only real chance is to get Governor Dayton out with Jeff Johnson, but the way [the MNGOP is] doing it, they're going to screw it up. With that said, I just wanted to prove a point that they're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultants and all these campaign ads..."

Allen says ads he plans to release later this campaign season will be higher quality.

"They're not going to actually go after the DFL or Mark Dayton, they're going to be about ethos," he says, adding that since our post went up yesterday, "I've had about four calls from GOP campaigns, but I've turned them down. I'm too busy."

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