GOP House candidate Bob Frey believes dinosaurs lived with humans

Cartoon by Ken Avidor
Frey: "Dinosaurs have always lived with man."
Last week, we told you about GOP House candidate Bob Frey's discredited view regarding the link between gay sex and AIDS. Turns out there's more wacky theories where that came from.

The Bluestem Prairie blog unearthed a January 2004 audio clip of Frey claiming that "dinosaurs have always lived with man" during a hearing before the Minnesota Senate Education Committee. To bolster his claim, Frey toted around a gigantic replica of what he claimed was a femur bone from a 16-foot-tall human.

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Here's a screengrab of Frey and his fake bone:

Bluestem Prairie

And here's audio of Frey's testimony, followed by a partial transcript:

... They like to say that humans probably evolved from bacteria that lived more than four billion years ago, but that's not what we find in the fossil record.

There's this 16-foot tall giant was found with numerous others around the world [Frey placed a large plastic femur on the table before he started testifying].

Dinosaurs have always lived with man. Is the rock wrong or is the theory wrong? I suggest to you that the theory is wrong.

Dinosaurs have always lived with man. And here's a plesiosaur that washed up on the beach on Nova Scotia in 2002. This is a juvenile that also washed up on the beach in Lake Erie.
Frey is so anti-evolution, he even disavows any form of "intelligent design" that ascribes explanatory power to modern science's best theory about how humans got here and where we came from. Another Bluestem Prairie post cites a news report which characterizes Frey's views about intelligent design as follows: "Frey said this theory, referred to as 'intelligent design,' asserts the idea that God created the world and creatures evolved. Frey said he doesn't subscribe to the theory, and he urges Christians to fight to remove evolution from curriculums."

Frey has also linked the teaching of evolution with "increasing teenage sexual activity and a decrease in college-entrance exam scores" and "rising societal violence," according to reports dredged up by Bluestem Prairie.

Frey's views stem from a Genesis passage that says, "There were giants in the earth in those days." But unsurprisingly, the Bible isn't as good at science at figuring these things out.

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