Lake Calhoun's Thomas Beach E. coli closure could end today

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Minneapolis Park Board
The view of the Minneapolis skyline from Thomas Beach.
Lake Calhoun's Thomas Beach has been closed since last Thursday after water samples revealed unsafe E. coli levels in the area.

But that could end today when the results of testing done yesterday are revealed. If E. coli levels have fallen back below an acceptable level, Thomas Beach could reopen within hours, Robin Smothers, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board spokesperson, tells us.

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All Hennepin County beaches except Thomas Beach are currently open, including the other two on Lake Calhoun.

So what explains the relatively gross conditions at Thomas Beach? Smothers says it has more to do with flooding and animals than it does humans.

"This closure is likely due to unusual conditions at the beach due to high water levels," she tells us. "Flooding and waterfowl are most often the culprits, and there's also turtles and fish."

Smothers says she can't recall another occasion when Thomas Beach had to close, though last year the 32nd Street Beach on Lake Calhoun was shut down for a while. Other Hennepin County beaches -- like Lake Hiawatha beach, where runoff from Minnehaha Creek regularly pollutes the waters -- typically have more of an issue with E. coli.

But Smothers says the Thomas Beach closure is connected with unprecedented flooding around the Chain of Lakes.

"I can't speak officially, but when we've looked at lake levels, people at the Park Board can't recall flooding as bad and lasting as long," she says.

Until it's reopened, signs in English and Spanish spaced every 10 feet along the beach will continue to advise folks against using the beach.

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Yankee Doodle Pablo
Yankee Doodle Pablo

Minneapolis is still a toilet bowl, Dan. The turd count is off the charts.

Iam BrianHarvey
Iam BrianHarvey

Spent a few hours there on Saturday (with about 300 other folks). The signs that noted the beach closure were small and only on the periphery of the beach. The Park Patrol came by no less than 6 times (checking parking passes and looking for booze) - and never told swimmers that the beach was closed. A pair of MPD Officers swung through at about 6pm and told swimmers beach was closed - had to remove beach towels covering one of the 'beach closed' signs, the other sign (less than 12" x 18") was more than 200 feet away on the other edge of the swim area. There was no signage in the Parking lot, no signage on the parking payment machine, and no life guards on duty (which should have been a clue, but...). City did a piss poor job (onsite) of warning beach goers that the beach was closed. Long, hot, soapy showers were had at my house on Saturday night!

Dan Engelhart
Dan Engelhart

E. coli is no joke I got it from cedar lake this year... It's everywhere including Minnetonka so nice try Yankee Doodle

Aida Cantu-Reza
Aida Cantu-Reza

Oh please. Most of us eat a little e.coli everyday. It's everywhere!

Kris Nielsen Sladek
Kris Nielsen Sladek

Saw the photos on news last night. Can't believe that people went there anyway...and took their kids spite of the closure for E. coli. Wow!

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