Medtronic says coverage of local job cuts buries the lede

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Medtronic's world headquarters (pictured) is currently in Fridley, but the company plans to pack up and move to a more tax-friendly country.
Yesterday, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal broke news that Medtronic, Minnesota's eighth-largest company, is cutting 40 local jobs. That development comes less than a month after Gov. Mark Dayton said Medtronic CEO Omark Ishrak personally assured him his company plans to create 1,000 new jobs here even though it will be relocating its headquarters to Ireland.

A few paragraphs into the piece, the Business Journal notes that Medtronic "notified the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) [of the cuts] in April. The state agency recently disclosed the cuts in an update to its Dislocated Worker Program report." But a Medtronic spokesman says that tidbit should really be front and center in reports about the local job losses.

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"This is part of the charge we took in Q4 related to workforce reductions," Medtronic spokeswoman Cindy Resman writes us in an email. "We announced that charge as part of our earnings announcement."

"While we've had to make some organizational changes, we've also added jobs," she continues. "Our current employee number is more than 49,000. Last year we reported 46,000."

Planned before last month's announcement or not, headlines like "Medtronic discloses Minnesota job cuts" still can't be comforting to Governor Dayton, who, despite Minnesota's impressive economic performance during his term, has been accused of waging a war on jobs by at least one of his Republican challengers.

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Shaun Fleming
Shaun Fleming

Way to cheat the system and not pay USA taxes #Ireland

Dog Gone
Dog Gone topcommenter

Actually ALL of the challengers to Dayton have claimed MN came in last in small job creation.

I can't find their source for the information; it doesn't seem to come from any credible data collection.

However not one of the interviews I've seen so far included a question about those figures -- so seems to me that is a question that seriously needs asking, given Dayton's success.

That success is all the more remarkable when compared to the relative failures next door, in Wisconsin, given that the Scott Walker economic policies are what all of the opposing candidates to Dayton want to implement.  Or worse, those of Sam Brownback's epic failure in Kansas.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

really shitty PR people

cant you hide the greed?

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