Minneapolis wakes to 12:30 a.m. fireworks show: Top tweets

Jason DeRusha on Twitter
:::: UPDATE :::: MLB apologizes for early-morning fireworks; free Twins tickets coming to those affected

Around 12:30 a.m. this morning, folks who wouldn't normally be awake at that time took to Twitter (sorry, Kevin) to express bewilderment over a post-Home Run Derby fireworks show that was part of the All-Star Game festivities.

Though the show was part of a Mill City Museum and Mill Ruins Park "invite-only VIP gala" that was discussed during at least one neighborhood meeting last month, it caught most Minneapolis residents by surprise. (In fairness, the fireworks were scheduled for 11:45 p.m., so it appears things were running late.)

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That got folks wondering what other ASG events they might not know about: Bonfires? A circus? Marching bands? A military parade?

We'll have to wait and see -- after all, the All-Star Game is tonight, and afterward, downtown Minneapolis bars will remain open until 4 a.m, so who knows what crazy things could happen. But in the meantime, here are the 10 best tweets we saw about the fireworks show.

10. Initially, there was widespread confusion: 9. In fact, some felt the need to point out that the City of Lakes wasn't under attack from Wisconsin or St. Paul or something: 8. Confusion eventually morphed into indignation: 7. 6. Indignation led to demands for reparations: (For the top five, click to page two.)

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