MNGOP stands by Supreme Court candidate Michelle MacDonald in ultra-bizarre email

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Think this shot of MacDonald's convention speech is strange? Keep reading!
The Michelle MacDonald story just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

MacDonald, a Twin Cities family law attorney, recently won the MNGOP's endorsement for a Minnesota Supreme Court seat even though she faces a criminal trial this fall stemming from an April 5, 2013 DUI arrest.

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That's pretty weird, but here's one better -- in a campaign email distributed by the MacDonald Law Firm yesterday, members of the MNGOP's Judicial Election Committee write that they've been invited by their endorsed Supreme Court candidate to attend her DUI trial in September.

An endorsed Supreme Court candidate inviting members of her party to her upcoming criminal trial? That has to be a first.

Though some claim MacDonald wouldn't have received the endorsement had delegates been better informed about her legal woes, the email indicates the Election Committee stands by her.

Citing another bizarre 2013 incident involving MacDonald where she was arrested on suspicion of contempt for allegedly taking a photo of a deputy in court (who knew that was a criminal offense?), "handcuffed and later put into solitary confinement in the Dakota county [sic] jail for over 24 hours without being booked or charged after being forced into Judge David Knutson's courtroom in handcuffs and a wheelchair," the committee members write, "Our committee concluded that Michelle's abuse at the hands of the Dakota county [sic] judicial system makes her a 'poster child,' a symbol for Minnesotans who have been abused by law enforcement, prosecutors, Judges and other officers of the court. We voted by an overwhelming majority to recommend her nomination."

To that, we can only ask -- how out of touch is this segment of the MNGOP? My goodness.

Members of the Election Committee also throw the Star Tribune and reporter Abby Simons under the bus for breaking the story of MacDonald's DUI charge, writing:
Please tell everyone you know to vote for Michelle and not to believe what they read in the Star Tribune. Abby Simons' article was nothing more than a hit piece. The Star Tribune's policy is to denigrate all Republicans, conservatives and endorsed judicial candidates, whenever they get the chance. Abby did her best to misrepresent the facts by spin and omission, and to smear Michelle and the Republican Party because she had to please her bosses.
The second part of the email summarizes what the Election Committee heard about MacDonald's legal controversies while vetting her over the course of two interviews spanning two to three hours.

After she was arrested on suspicion of contempt, deputies put her in a wheelchair, "fitted her with a belt to wear around her waist, and fastened her handcuffs to the belt, restricting her to the wheelchair," according to what MacDonald told the committee.

"The ordeal continued as deputies returned and wheeled her to the adjacent all-men's prison, where at least three male deputies got into the elevator with her and many, many more handled her throughout the rest of the day and throughout the night and the next day," the account continues. "One deputy told her that she was not being interrogated, so they did not have to read her rights. That was the same deputy that said he 'had an idea' and took her mattress, pillow, and toilet paper, after she had used it to wrap her feet, body and head when she was cold, when she was returned to her cell after being removed in the middle of the night, and who lifted her with another deputy to take pictures, and when she pleaded to 'please don't take my picture like this,' they said she looked 'beautiful.'"

With regard to the traffic stop that led to her DUI charge, MacDonald says she's innocent, and Dakota County officials are simply out to get her.

Whether any of that is true or not, it's certainly hard to wrap your mind around MNGOP officials somehow thinking all that drama somehow makes MacDonald an attractive candidate for the state Supreme Court, isn't it?

To read the entire email for yourself, click to page two.

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I wouldn't vote for this woman if she was the only candidate.  She is a lawyer, if she wasn't drunk why didn't she submit to the breathalyzer.  She knows better than anyone that you don't take the test you are arrested and charged with DUI and you lose your license for a year.  I wonder if she lost her license, because as most of us know, she is probably one of the privileged.  She honestly believed that by telling the cop that she was an attorney, he wouldn't arrest her.  Tells you how highly she thinks of herself.  This is not someone I want on the Supreme Court.  Funny how you go on the Court's Website to access case files and hers doesn't come up. But every  common ciitizen does.


It seems a lot of people aren't doing very well with the world the way it is.  Most of us try to adjust ourselves so we can do better in the world.  Some of us, however, decide to carry on as we were, pretending the world is what's out of step, and that if we just keep insisting that we're right and everybody else is wrong, we will prevail because the world is supposed to be exactly as we want it.

Luckily for me, when I was pretty young a significant family member fell into this and went through a rigorous 12-step group. I had minor involvement with that, but the experience changed my life too.  And it made me completely immune to people like this, or the woman in Eden Prairie running for the State Leg.  And Rep. Bachmann. And a whole list of people like this.


 "Our committee concluded that Michelle's abuse at the hands of the Dakota county [sic] judicial system makes her a 'poster child,' a symbol for Minnesotans who have been abused by law enforcement, prosecutors, Judges and other officers of the court."

Yeah because she's one of theirs.

I'm guessing that if you wanted to find a "poster child" for abuse by law enforcement, it's not going to be a middle aged white lady.


This incident bears out the facts about those government contrails turning our minds to mush. And I know for a fact that that Kenyan Obama is behind this. A friend of my sister-in-law saw this on the internets so it has to be true!


@sndgab Do you not even recognized when you are being manipulated by the lying Main Stream Media Propaganda?  Do you not recall the Political Hack David Lillehaug getting caught getting paid $77000 out of a government slush fund for legal work his firm did that was supposed to be Pro Bono? Then you blame her for the Courts screwed up computer system?  You don't even make sense. On one hand you accuse her of having so much power she can suppress court records yet this same alleged power doesnt beat a DUI ticket? Now you are just blathering. See MN Statute

169.91 ARREST. Subdivision 1.Procedure.

When any person is arrested for any violation of any law or ordinance relating to the operation or registration of vehicles punishable as a petty misdemeanor, misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or felony, the arrested person shall be taken into custody and immediately taken before a judge within the county in which the offense charged is alleged to have been committed and who has jurisdiction over the offenses and is nearest or most accessible with reference to the place where the arrest is made, in any of the following cases:

(1) when a person arrested demands an immediate appearance before a judge;

(4) when the person is arrested upon a charge of driving or operating or being in actual physical control of any motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs;

Sorry to clutter things up for you with things like facts but, hey thats just the way I roll.

I have seen the video. She asks to see a judge and agrees to take the test in front of the judge.  Apparently you dont understand the COINTELPRO methods used on the voice of political dissent that confront the corruption of the government.  Michelle MacDonald wanted to document yet another unlawful and unconstitutional retaliatory act of government. She clearly had had no alchohol and was not impaired.  NOW WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT ON THE RECORD AND OFF THE RECORD.  THE PROBLEM WITH POLITICIANS,GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT IS THAT THE SPOKEN WORD EVAPORATES.  If she just complies, she leaves it to the next poor sap to get the same unjust treatment.  She wanted to document this ON THE COURT RECORD instead of in some private backroom so the POLICE COULD NOT COVER IT UP. (You know, like some folks in Ferguson are saying is happening.)  But it sounds like you are either a mindless sheople with no gonads or a paid political operative. Which one is it?

When I have more time I will write a more professional article, these were just my off the cuff thoughts and comments.

The battle here is the endorsed candidate of rank and file Minnesotans vs the Anointed candidate of the corrupt political establishment. How dare we rank and file Minnesotans disrupt the succession desired by the corrupt tyrant class? (sarcasm) 


@sndgab I certainly agree with your assessment of her behavior. But I assume you're referring to attempting to search her DWI case in the Minnesota Trial Court Public Access website from home. As the website clearly states, you cannot search for 'preconviction' records from home unless you know the case number. You can, however, go down to the nearest courthouse and hop on one of their terminals to look up by name.


What did you do with provisions 2 and 3 of the law. There is missing information that you deleted that could construe she is in full violation.

As per court record 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 44 filed 5/29/14:

"...she also refused to comply with deputy orders that she stop taking pictures. After a court recess, Ms. McDonald appeared in the courtroom, in a wheelchair and without plaintiff. The deputies had sought to give Ms. McDonald a citation for contempt. Ms. McDonald had refused to provide the information required for booking and was placed under arrest. The deputies reported that Ms. McDonald had refused to re-enter the courtroom voluntarily, or to wear shoes and glasses. As a result, the deputies moved her to a wheelchair and escorted her back to the hearing".

1) she was supposed to be representing at a trial and violated courtroom laws of practice by photographing the courtroom and refused to comply with the law in which she swears to protect and defend in the name of justice??? 2) She seems like a drama queen and the public does not need this type of representation in our highest courts. She wants to bend rules for herself. How does the people look at her as being unbiased in the law for appropriate interpretation with her actions and behavior. She is a nightmare waiting to happen!

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