Mpls police release photo of "persons of interest" in North Side triple shooting

The triple shooting left this North Side house with bloodstains in the backyard.
The Minneapolis Police Department has released a photo of two men investigators are characterizing as "persons of interest" in a Wednesday morning triple shooting at 3551 Fremont Ave. N. that left three women injured.

Here's the photo:


"Of particular interest is the male wearing a blue t-shirt and blue jeans and the male wearing a black t-shirt, tan shorts and eye glasses," an MPD statement says.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sergeant Ann Kjos at 612-673-3786 or Segeant Luis Porras at 612-673-3572.

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Jenny Root Neary
Jenny Root Neary

Lost my mothers ring walking down Holyoke Ave. tonight, couldn't find it because it was so dark. Wonder what the chances of finding it in the morning are? We'll find out because I'm gonna go look.

Tim Stang
Tim Stang

But would he get in bar louie.. That's the real news here city pages

Tim Stang
Tim Stang

Looks just like I thought he would

Truth_Teller_1 topcommenter

How unusual - they appear to be African American!

MNjoe topcommenter

Psssst - scroll down a bit. 

MNjoe topcommenter

@Truth_Teller_1 How unusual! The guy in Texas who killed 6 members of his ex-wife's family including several children was a white guy. I guess that means all white Americans are to blame? Asshole.

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