Phyllis Kahn alleges election judge called her "old Jewish lady," opponent "Muslim brother"

Noor (right) is trying to take Kahn's seat and become the first Somali elected to the legislature.
The campaign of Rep. Phyllis Kahn (D-Minneapolis) has filed two complaints regarding improprieties that have allegedly taken place during her heated primary battle with Mohamud Noor.

One alleges that a Minneapolis elections judge named Fadmo called Kahn "an old Jewish Lady" while interpreting the primary ballot for a Somali man who was recently at City Hall to cast his absentee ballot. On the other hand, Fadmo characterized Noor as "our Muslim brother," the complaint says.

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In a letter to Minneapolis City Clerk Casey Joe Carl, Kahn's attorney, Brian Rice, writes, "The Kahn campaign believes that your office is allowing a clearly partisan person to work as an election official."

Though the "old Jewish lady" incident happened last Friday, Rice, in his letter, writes, "I understand that this person was back in city hall on Monday and continuing to work on processing voters."

We contacted city of Minneapolis spokesman Casper Hill about the complaint. Asked for information about Fadmo, including her last name and job title, Hill initially said, "She's an elections judge."

But in a subsequent email Hill declined to provide further information:
The City of Minneapolis can only provide public data on employees. No employee from the City has received final discipline related to your stated allegation. If you want public data on a specific employee, you can request public data as allowed under Minnesota Statutes, Section 13.43. Examples of public data include names and titles of employees. Please let me know if you want any specific public data. Thanks.
The second complaint alleges that an address at 419 Cedar Avenue South is being used to register scores of voters that don't actually live there.

"The Kahn campaign has reason to believe that the Noor campaign has been behind the registrations of new voters at this address," Rice writes in an email sent to Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman and Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, among others. "Further, we have reason to believe that many more, perhaps hundreds of people have been using 419 Cedar Avenue South as an address to register and vote in the Primary election on August 12, 2014 in the race between Kahn and Noor."

"The Kahn campaign has more than a reasonable belief that none of these new registrants who claim to live and reside at [4]19 Cedar Avenue South can in fact reside there," Rice continues. "It is impossible. The building has at most 30 units."

Reached for comment yesterday, Kahn distanced herself from the allegations being made by her campaign.

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