Sam and Christian Ponder introduce their baby to the world [PHOTO]

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First it was love and marriage. Now it's a baby in the baby carriage, as they say.
Sam Ponder kept her pregnancy out of the press, but now she and her husband, Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder, have gone public with a photo of their first child.

Bowden Sainte-Claire Ponder was born earlier this summer. Yesterday, Sam shared a photo of the new family on Instagram.

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Here it is:

In the caption, Sam, a sideline reporter for ESPN's college football coverage, wrote: "Thanks to all the close friends and family who helped us enjoy pregnancy/the first month of her life privately. We can never repay you. Now, say hello to my new traveling buddy. She'll see you all this fall."

Meanwhile, over on Twitter: Touché.

Bowden is named after legendary Florida State college football coach Bobby Bowden, who coached Christian for three seasons before retiring after the 2009 season.

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