Scandia's St. Sauver Jr., in trouble for keeping gators and killing horses, dies in one-car wreck

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St. Sauver Jr. looking for his escaped gators last year.
Just weeks after he pleaded guilty to a petty misdemeanor for keeping alligators on his property, 31-year-old William St. Sauver Jr. died in a fiery one-car wreck.

"At approximately 21:45 hours on 6 July 2014, the Washington County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call from an individual reporting a single car crash that was on fire in the 12200 block of 228th Street North in the City of Scandia," a release from the Washington County Sheriff's Office says. "The only occupant of the vehicle, William St. Sauver of Scandia, died at the scene. The cause of the crash is currently under investigation by the Washington County Sheriff's Office."

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We asked Sgt. Wayne Johnson of the Washington County Sheriff's Office whether St. Sauver, who was due back in court in September to answer for drug charges and two felony animal torture charges he faced for allegedly killing two American Saddlebred horses that were owned by someone else but boarded on his property, might have killed himself.

"It's too early to tell, I don't know, but it would seem fairly odd to try and go suicide that way," Johnson says. "You'd have to leave the roadway down a slight embankment, then hit one of the few trees down there. I guess anything is possible but I don't really see that suicide is what it was."

Asked whether there's been an issue with accidents along that stretch of rural roadway, Johnson says, "In wintertime people will slide off there, but it's just a little country road... It's more of a residential area, a 35-mile-per-hour zone. So yeah, in the winter you can slide off anywhere, but this isn't a big high-crash area, no."

St. Sauver Jr. attended Forest Lake High School with yours truly.

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And I have never seen a article of a car wreck and someones death with their police record attached to it .Either this better happen from now on that their personal life be attached to their obituary or his Mother and daughter should get a public apology to all I think it is sick that papers, and the law can slander someone even in death> What happened to innocent until proven quilty


What is wrong with you people did you know him? Show some respect to his family if you cant sat something nice keep you mouths shut. He is dead  and and a lot of people lost a very good friend you all should be ashamed of yourselfs and your stupid insensitive comments.

Jennifer Dahn
Jennifer Dahn

He brutally killed two horses for no reason, then wouldn't even fess up to it. RIP Dickwad!

Kirsten Engström Lunzer
Kirsten Engström Lunzer

While this guy is probably nuts, his mother is a wonderful and respected kindergarten teacher at the local elementary school. She lost a son - show some respect to her.


150 horses killed him for killing the two horses he boarded.

Jonathan David
Jonathan David

Is there a connection somehow between keeping alligators and the car crash? Maybe he just had a history of "weight issues".

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