AFSCME raises eyebrows with anti-Johnson tweet comparing Walker's Wisconsin to hell

AFSCME would be happy to turn Minnesota's 2014 gubernatorial election into a referendum on Scott Walker's Wisconsin.
A day after Jeff Johnson won the MNGOP gubernatorial primary, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) came out swinging.

You see, during a speech to the Southwest Metro Tea Party earlier this year, Johnson vowed to "go all Scott Walker on Minnesota" if he's elected. And AFSCME doesn't much care for what Scott Walker has done in Wisconsin.

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So here's a tweet AFSCME was paying to promote Wednesday afternoon: It raised the eyebrows of Star Tribune political reporter Rachel Stassen-Berger: We got in touch with Jennifer Munt, AFSCME Council 5 public affairs director, and asked about the thought process behind that promoted tweet.

"AFSCME thinks Jeff Johnson is wrong for Minnesota workers," Munt tells us. "He promised the tea party he'd go all Scott Walker on Minnesota, and we want to make sure Jeff Johnson doesn't take the Scott Walker path down the road to ruin."

Munt says AFSCME, which is the largest public sector employee union in the state, spent about $1 million helping out Mark Dayton during his gubernatorial campaign in 2010, and the number should be similar again this year.

That money comes from member contributions made to AFSCME's political arm, Munt says, adding that about 75 percent of the union's 43,000 members voted for its endorsed candidate last time around.

"I think it's fair to describe AFSCME as one of the largest and most politically active unions," Munt says.

And the union's political activities go beyond the gubernatorial race.

"We are involved at every level of government because we elect our bosses," Munt says, adding that the union is currently paying to run the controversial "personally offensive" Stewart Mills ad on TV.

We asked Munt if AFSCME has ever endorsed any Republicans.

"For us, it doesn't matter if they're Democrans or Republicats, it matters if they are pro-worker or not," Munt replies, adding that AFSCME has in the past supported Randy Johnson, who, like Jeff Johnson, is a Republican serving on the Hennepin County Board.

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ron.fresquez topcommenter

Want's to  "go all Scott Walker on Minnesota."  I like smart people so I guess I have to vote for him. 

Greg Amundson
Greg Amundson

Republicans bad, Democrats good. You simple minded people are so predictable.

Rachael Joseph
Rachael Joseph

Johnson's comment in his speech was idiotic. I think the tweet showed restraint.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Wisconsin is an embarrassment.  Those Tea Party idiots have destroyed their economy.   If those cheeseheads are dumb enough to re elect Scott Walker we will have 4 more years to laugh at their failures.  

Chris Strabley
Chris Strabley

But if your into lowering wages, benefits, and have your state drop from a perennial top 10 job creator to 48th. Scott Walker style governing is definitely for you.

Chris Strabley
Chris Strabley

Well seeing as I just moved from Wisconsin. It is pretty bad.

ron.fresquez topcommenter

Greg. I looked at your Facebook page and all you have are rightwing conspiracy theories. You should try thinking for yourself sometime and not be so simpleminded. You are just another Tea Bagger. 

ron.fresquez topcommenter

@Onan @ron.fresquez Onan. It is not possible to print enough money to pay me to vote for this Tea Bagger lightweight. 

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