Meeting for potential pot producers moved to an auditorium to accommodate 220 people

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Friday's cannabis meeting has been moved to accommodate a larger-than-anticipated pool of potential producers. So large, in fact, that the Minnesota Department of Health has reserved the 3M Auditorium at the Minnesota History Center.

The new address is 345 W. Kellogg Boulevard, in St. Paul, and the event starts at 9 a.m. The number of RSVPs is close to 220, according to a spokesman for the health department.

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An agenda for the meeting shows presentations by state health and revenue employees. The whole thing runs until 3 p.m. with two breaks for munchies.

The state is looking for two certified manufacturers that are able to cultivate and distribute cannabis to patients within very strict regulations. Late last week, we took a peek at an early draft of the rules as well as the application. Together they total 69 pages. Much of the Friday meeting will be dedicated to reviewing those materials and answering questions from the crowd.

For help navigating the red tape, at least one group of Minnesotans has turned to outside help, hiring the Colorado-based American Cannabis Company. And at least one law firm is so jacked about getting into the game that it has petitioned the state supreme court for protection. As it stands, attorneys who give advice about producing cannabis do so at the risk of arrest.

Anyone who's interested (and has a spare $20,000) should file a notice of intent with the health department by September 19 and be sure to turn in the application by October 3. After presentations and site inspections, the state is supposed to name two finalists on November 17. Qualifying patients will received their medicine in July 2015 at the earliest.

If you miss Friday's meeting, no sweat. We'll be there. Plus the state is planning to post meeting materials on the Office of Medical Cannabis website.

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The police have their fingerprints all over the requirements attached to this.  It's an excellent example of what happens when the police state interferes with the democratic process.

Christopher Oliver
Christopher Oliver

I'll bring the weed you bring the lighter, c'mon y'all let's go get......

digitalprotocol topcommenter

shit is free, grows out of the earth you sickos

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