Charges: Angela Jackson ran down Tarrince Winbush outside Bulldog over dispute about tab

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Angela Jackson
Angela Jackson faces a first-degree attempted murder charge for allegedly running down 39-year-old Tarrince Winbush outside the Bulldog near 26th Street and Lyndale Avenue in south Minneapolis just before bar close on the morning of August 16.

According to the charging document, the beef between Winbush and Jackson, 37, stemmed from an unpaid bar tab.

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Winbush was hanging at the Bulldog with two friends earlier in the evening. One of them called Jackson to join them. She showed up with two female friends, and a dispute about the tab followed. Eventually, the whole party was asked to leave the establishment, but the argument continued outside.

Jackson allegedly decided to use her car as a weapon, though she missed Winbush during her first attempt to hit him and instead struck parked cars. The complaint explains:
Witnesses confirm that the parties continued to argue in front of the Bull Dog [sic] as they crossed Lyndale Avenue where the suspect vehicle was parked. The driver of the suspect vehicle exited the parking lot onto Lyndale Avenue where the other two women with her got in. The vehicle then did a U-turn and according to witnesses appeared to be trying to hit one of the men who had been in the dispute. The driver, identified as ANGELA DAWN JACKON [sic], the defendant herein, missed the male but hit a parked vehicle parked on the west side of the street. The defendant then left the scene turning west on 26th Street West and stopped for a short time where witnesses stated that the female driver got out for a short period of time and appeared to be looking at her car. Video surveillance shows the defendant's vehicle then turn north onto Aldrich Avenue South.

Investigators located video that showed the defendant's vehicle turn south onto Lyndale Avenue South from 25th Street West, effectively coming around the block and heading south towards the Bull Dog Bar [sic] again. Witnesses described the defendant's vehicle as travelling at a high rate of speed and cross into the north bound lanes and hit [Winbush].
Witnesses say Winbush's body hit the windshield and flew into the air. Officers found him "lying unconscious and severely injured," and it remains unknown whether he'll be able to recover from his injuries.

Jackson, meanwhile, fled the scene. She later removed the plates from the car involved in the hit-and-run and attempted to hide the vehicle in a garage, but was recently arrested after one of the people who was hanging out with Winbush on the night of the incident identified her as the suspect.

Jackson's first court appearance is scheduled for this afternoon. Prosecutors are seeking to set her bail at $1 million. She faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

To read the criminal complaint for yourself, click to page two.

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What an outstanding member of society - I would never have guessed that someone like this person was involved in such a crime.  Hopefully, she will get locked up.


This will bring uptown back to how it once was.

William Gbolo Jr
William Gbolo Jr

Meron Gebrehiwot Nico Peterson Mitchell Steen is this the one you saw?

Tes Sa
Tes Sa

Christopher Mortenson

Bob Jofoto Johnson
Bob Jofoto Johnson

Jackie Scorpioaction Jackson Nateketh Robinson is this ol girl from downtown?

Molly Ward
Molly Ward

Ahhh I had her in a class last semester.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

why would this ho be drinking at the uber yupped out bulldog lyndale?

also, how much those CC regulars hate the new crowds there. seems like 2 years ago it was the full of grimey zombies and now it is full of 23 yr blondes in floral print

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