Comment of the Day: A "Bacon Increase Fee"?

A "Bacon Fee" might not be so farfetched. Prices of the delectable meat are at an all-time high.
Our Comment of the Day post about the math of a minimum wage fee -- itself a response to our piece regarding the new minimum wage fee Stillwater's Oasis Cafe is charging customers -- got a couple readers thinking about what it'd be like if bar and restaurant owners were similarly transparent when other costs of business went up.

One reader thinking along those lines was braidedmerkin, who wins today's top comment honor with this:


Of course, the "Emmer Theory" braidedmerkin refers to pertains to something Sixth District Republican congressional candidate Tom Emmer said during his gubernatorial run back in 2010.

Emmer, who at the time was touting a tipped worker exception to Minnesota's minimum wage, said, "With the tips [some servers] get to take home, there are some people earning over $100,000 a year. More than the very people providing the jobs and investing not only their life savings but their families' future."

Emmer, to put it charitably, was talking about the exception, not the rule. As of 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the average yearly earnings for waiters is $22,730, with a typical bartender making $20,390.

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