Comment of the Day: No D in K-Love

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Kevin Love is one of the NBA's best offensive players and rebounders -- there's no doubt about that.

But in stark contrast to the Timberwolves' greatest Kevin, he's not known for playing defense.

As a result, our K-Love tribute didn't feature video of any great defensive plays or mention accomplishments on that end of the floor. (Not that that's hugely surprising -- defense rarely makes the highlight reels, after all.)

Nonetheless, the point Craig Larson made in a tweet he sent our way should be kept in mind during any discussion about Love's standing as one of the NBA's top players: On the other hand, check out what SB Nation has to say about the defensive abilities of Andrew Wiggins, the 19-year-old the Wolves acquired for Love:
Wiggins uses his athleticism best on defense. He's extremely quick laterally and can recover back to his man faster than anyone in the draft. He's fast enough to stay in front of smaller guards and tall enough to guard bigger wings.
Sounds more like the Wolves' greatest Kevin than K-Love, doesn't it?

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jason.dorweiler topcommenter

I think KL was love and hate for us. We'll be a much better team without him, and he will also get along better over there. No loss for anyone.

Tim Stang
Tim Stang

Kevin Martin doesn't play defense either...

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Kevin Love is also an unlikable dick.  He always treated Timberwolves fans like we were a bunch of assholes for paying him millions of dollars and cheering for him.  I hope his whiny no D playing ass is the reason Cleveland fails next season.   The Timberwolves should have been a playoff team last year.   Lousy coaching and a lousy star player are why we didn't.

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