Comment of the Day: On Glen Taylor and Comic Sans

Comic Sans: Glen Taylor's personal font?
On Tuesday, the Timberwolves came up with a cute tongue-in-cheek get-out-of-work note for folks who wanted to attend Andrew Wiggins's introductory State Fair news conference in person but were obligated to be at the office instead.

The organization chose a curious font for it, however.

Later that day, Glen Taylor, owner of the Wolves and the Star Tribune, put Kevin Love on blast for a whole host of reasons. With Love taking the high road and saying nothing but nice things about Minnesota during his introductory presser in Cleveland, it made Taylor seem like he had just eaten a whole bunch of sour grapes.

Taylor's comments got Bob Collins thinking:


We can't disagree with that suggestion, Bob.

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Dear Timberwolves' PR Team's Boss,

Your team should really be excused for a "sleepy at work" day. Not only does this campaign lack punctuation, grammar and basic aesthetic principles; it lacks professionalism and decorum. You have made a big trade, and you need a professional's help to make you look like a legitimate organization in Minnesota. I hear the U of M has a pretty good journalism school. What's your excuse?

Glen and Flip, your PR team told me they'd promise to send those pesky TPS reports first thing on Wednesday afternoon, because after all, rather than doing their jobs, they're making antiquated (although admittedly funny) movie references.

Way to go Wolves!

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barbertj23 topcommenter

Comic sans was pulled from lettering in Watchmen. Just fyi

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