Comment of the Day: Semi-automatics don't kill, people do?

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Here's a fact: In 2011, fistfights claimed more lives than rifles in Minnesota. Do with that what you will.
Our post about a gun rights group's allegation that Rep. Ron Erhardt threatened to shoot their president has sparked a heated debate about guns in the comment section.

One argument being trotted out is that since knives and fists are actually involved in more deaths than semi-automatics, politicians should try to ban stabbing and punching before they go after those types of firearms.

Here's how one gun rights supporter makes the case:


We've heard this argument before, but the question remains -- do you find it persuasive? Or, on the other hand, do you think that because there's no good reason to own a semi-automatic in the first place, even a single murder involving one is too many?

Let us know, as always, in the comment section.

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