Comment of the Day: Was bike trail vandalism really the work of a devious DFLer?

It's not even Labor Day, but some think the Dayton-Johnson contest is already getting dirty.
Well, the spray-painted "Dump Dayton" message on the Cedar Lake Regional bike trail certainly looks to be the work of a Jeff Johnson supporter. But maybe that's exactly what a devious Dem wants you to think.

After all, you wouldn't expect a lot of undecided or right-leaning voters to be peddling along a bike trail in the middle of the city, would you? And keep in mind that Johnson has made his desire to improve the state's roads and bridges at the expense of light rail a centerpiece of his campaign.

All of that said, here's today's Comment of the Day (substitute "Cedar Lake Trail" for "greenway"):

The crime remains unsolved as this is published.

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