Irony: Andy Parrish deletes racist tweet hours after chastising Chris Fields

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I mean, should we really expect anything less from a guy who goes on national TV with no pants on?
After Chris Fields dug himself into a deep hole with a series of tasteless tweets about Robin Williams's suicide, local Republican political operative Andy Parrish saw fit to get on his high horse: But before Fields even got around to apologizing for his self-inflicted debacle, Parrish found himself apologizing for a racist tweet of his own.

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Yesterday was primary election day, and in commemoration, Parrish -- a staunch backer of voter ID -- apparently determined it'd be super funny to offer up this since-deleted tweet:


Parrish, in fact, tweeted that photo not once, but twice, with the second one directed at Star Tribune political reporter Rachel Stassen-Berger:


As Bluestem Prairie notes, the "Mexifornia" license image was applauded in an online forum by members of racist group Stormfront more than a decade ago. So yeah, bad idea, bro.

Predictably, Parrish was soon backpedaling: He then copied and pasted that same "statement" to a whole bunch of people:


The whole thing was beautifully summed up in this tweet from Highly scatological: Never change, Andy. Please.

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