McFadden campaign on Mike's insta-flip flop: "Mike isn't a polished politician"

McFadden instantly regretted saying he's support a tax increase under certain conditions.
On Tuesday, Mike McFadden cruised to victory in his Republican U.S. Senate primary, paving the way for him to face Al Franken this November.

But during a speech to the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce the next day, McFadden offered up the first gaffe of the general campaign.

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It came in response to a question put to McFadden by a reporter. The Star Tribune explains what happened next:
Under questioning from a local reporter, McFadden initially said he would support a higher gasoline tax if revenues were cut elsewhere, so that the total amount of taxes from all sources would not rise.

"Yeah, as long as it was revenue-neutral so that in the aggregate there's not a tax increase to the American public," McFadden said in response to the question.

He took another question on a different topic and left with a pair of campaign staffers. Seconds later he reappeared and addressed reporters again.

"I just want to reiterate that I will not support raising the gas tax," McFadden said. A reporter then said, "I'm sorry, I thought you said you would as long as there was a corresponding decrease ..."

"No, I won't," McFadden interjected.

The reporter then said, "No support? So how would you ..."

A McFadden staffer jumped in and said, "We gotta go."
We reached out to McFadden spokesman Tom Erickson and asked, what happened?

"Mike isn't a polished politician who uses a script of poll-tested talking points like Senator Franken does," Erickson replied. "Sometimes he misspeaks, and that's what happened yesterday."

We followed up by asking if it is indeed the case that McFadden opposes a gas tax increase no matter what.

"Right," Erickson said. "[McFadden] does not support it."

Sure, it might not have been the best way for McFadden to kick off his general election campaign. But then again, perhaps Minnesota voters don't mind flip-flopping. After all, Mark Dayton has made an art form out of it of late.

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Mark Rude
Mark Rude

He's an asshole - wouldn't even take his kid to the doctor - fucking idiot.

ron.fresquez topcommenter

You are looking at the best and brightest the MN Regressive Party has to offer. Senator Franken will wipe the floors with this guy. Senator Al Franken will be Senator for as long as he chooses and he won't have to run ads with kids punching him ion the nut's.  

Michael Roach
Michael Roach

He's just another rich man out of touch with reality who thinks he should be a politician. You know kinda like mitt Romney

Nathan Palmer
Nathan Palmer

Raising the gas tax while staying revenue-neutral may not be a big deal for him, but he may have found it would be a big deal to key constituents... so there can be a disconnect between what he personally views as important and what he views as imporant as "McFadden for Senate" I don't find this too alarming. He initially says whats on his mind- a staffer reminds him of what he's decided as his "official" platform. Rather than revising his official platform- he corrects the statement. Non-issue.

Jeffrey Ruha
Jeffrey Ruha

Why, sometimes he's believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Matt Jørgensen
Matt Jørgensen

that actually sounds like he's got this whole politician thing down pretty good

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Someone must have reminded him that Republicans are stupid simpletons who don't understand how to run a modern economy.   The dumb cavemen that make up the Republican base are too stupid and inflexible for a nuanced position like that.  McFadden knows his instant flip flop will be good enough for the dumb bigots he needs to keep this race competitive.  If he gets elected he will be able to do whatever he wants because Republicans are too stupid to be able to understand the news.   That's why Tim Pawlenty had to call his tax increases a "fee increase" because Republicans are so stupid and easily tricked.  


@MicheleBachmann you have got to get another hobby other than trolling...just sayin' If I didn't know better I'd think you were on Franken's payroll. seriously. stop. you have nothing constructive to add to the conversation.

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