Mpls one of America's most liberal cities, and St. Paul not too far behind, study says

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If looking west in this photo correlated with liberalness, then what you see here would be a visual depiction of where Minnesota's two largest cities rank on the lefty scale.
A study put together by political scientists Chris Tausanovitch from UCAL and Christopher Warshaw from MIT aggregated public opinion polls to determine which large American cities are the most liberal and which are the most conservative.

Their research indicates Minneapolis is one of the pinkest cities in the country. That probably shouldn't come as a surprise. But would you believe St. Paul is also pretty far to the left on the spectrum?

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Here, via the Economist, is a chart of the 15 most liberal cities with populations of 250,000 or more (the further to the left the blue dot, the more liberal the city):

Minneapolis ranks as the sixth most liberal city; St. Paul clocks in at 13th.

On the other end, the most conservative large city in the country is Mesa, Arizona, with Oklahoma City, Virginia Beach, Colorado Springs, and Jacksonville rounding out the top five.

We're not sure what's more unexpected -- that St. Paul is right on Portland's heels, or that Minneapolis somehow ranks behind Washington, D.C. in terms of liberalness. Perhaps it's just one more thing we can blame on Obama.

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