Oops! Teddy Bridgewater's name misspelled on first batch of jerseys for sale at Target [PHOTO]

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Whoever was responsible for copy editing the first batch of Teddy Bridgewater jerseys for sale at Target failed hard, as shirts that hit store shelves left the G out of the rookie quarterback's last name.

Typos are inevitable, but not when you have just two words (or, in this case, a word and a name) to concern yourself with.

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Here's how the "shirseys" (t-shirt jerseys, get it?) read: We contacted Target for comment. Company spokesman Joshua Thomas tells us the misspelling on the shirts, which rolled out to roughly 70 stores over the weekend, was noticed "right away."

"We... have requested that stores remove the jersey from the sales floor," Thomas continues. "We should have a new jerseys on the floor in the next few weeks and we're working closely with our vendor to ensure the correct spelling."

That shouldn't be too hard, right?

Thomas says he's not sure what Target will end up doing with all the misspelled shirts.

More importantly, on the field, Bridgewater has impressed enough during training camp to currently be slotted at second on the Vikings' quarterback depth chart, ahead of Christian Ponder but behind Matt Cassel.

Performance during preseason games will probably go a long ways toward determining who gets the starting nod on opening day, however, and the Vikings' first exhibition game is this Friday at TCF Bank Stadium against the Raiders. Let's hope Teddy's last name is spelled correctly when he takes the field for his first NFL action.

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Roger Her
Roger Her

They gonna be worth a lot...If he becomes a great player

Dave Kjellberg
Dave Kjellberg

Can always send them to a third world country like America.


"That shouldn't be too hard, right?" The tagline for our Rupar-retrospective.

Albin S.
Albin S.

New CEO again , lol Amore Di Mastini

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