Uptown hot tub attracts schadenfreude

Photo by Amanda White
Schadenfreude: Pleasure derived from the misfortune of others.
Shortly after we published our initial blog post about the cool-looking hot tub that hangs over Lake Street as part of the Walkway development in Uptown, commenters let us know it was taped off because of a leak. (The tape is visible in the above photo.)

Some suggested the leak was a result of shoddy engineering. But that's not necessarily the case, a state employee in the department that inspects pools tells us.

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Doug Schultz of the Minnesota Department of Health's Environmental Health Division tells us his department was aware of the Walkway hot tub's leak before we called him.

"It's a microscopic leak. It happens," Schultz says. "We've seen it before and understand and recognize that [it] can happen, especially when you have two surfaces coming together where the acrylic meets the concrete wall."

Schultz says the leak "can be sealed with coagulant."

With regard to possible safety concerns stemming from the leak, Schultz says, "In this kind of weather there isn't much of a safety risk."

Thumbnail image for hottub1a.JPG
Photo via Mark Bradby
The hot tub as it's supposed to look.

"Water on the sidewalk can create a slipping hazard, but our understanding is that the owner is planning on closing the spa before freezing weather, and one would assume it would be fixed before then," he continues. "Our assumption is that it will be fixed in a matter of weeks."

Walkway owner Clark Gassen tells us he's installed a rain gutter system to keep water off the sidewalk in case the hot tub leaks again in the future.

Then, last week, we received reports that the tub had been drained: We asked Gassen the question Lindsay Guentzel was afraid to know the answer to.

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