Comment of the Day: Cash scrum at the fair

Serge threw away one-tenth of what the State Fair's first armed robbers made off with the night before.
At least one of our readers saw himself in the video of Serge Vorobyov making it rain cash at the State Fair.

The situation on the ground remained relatively calm throughout Vorobyov's trip on the Skyride -- he says he tossed 800 one dollar bills and two hundos to folks below during the jaunt -- but Passing Wind Rainbow's comment got us thinking about what might've happened had people been aware of the big bills Serge was working with in advance.

Here's what he said:


We're not so sure about Rainbow's the last sentence -- how did he know there were hundred dollar bills literally up for grabs at the time, after all? -- but think Serge's decision to stick almost entirely with singles was probably a sound one. After all, as Serge told us, he was just trying to help people have fun, and it isn't very enjoyable to be part of a scrum clawing and tearing at each other for a Benjamin Franklin.

Unless, of course, you emerge from it $100 richer!

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Jackie Edman
Jackie Edman

Yeah. I saw this another day at the fair as well. Honestly it's just dangerous. People running into each other and not paying attention... For a dollar or a few?

mingtran topcommenter


mingtran topcommenter

@atrupar Not at all. You're responsible for content. Tons of better comments yesterday. You're job is too easy to fuck it up so much.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@atrupar @mingtran Why don't you ever pick the racist stupid drivel ming types out?   It's such a deep thought that skin color causes crime. 

atrupar moderator

@mingtran @atrupar Ouch! My mistake for attempting some good-natured banter with you. Lesson learned. 

DavidFoureyes topcommenter

@atrupar @mingtran Considering the prolificacy of ming's contributions to this comments section on a daily basis - shall we speculate on the difficulty of his work?

mingtran topcommenter

@atrupar Sweet deflection. Your job is too easy. 

mingtran topcommenter

@DavidFoureyes @atrupar Exactly. Plus I do the guys work for him and I don't even get a hat tip. That story has created the biggest buzz so far today AND it's the newest posted. I'd do a way better job than Rupar, probably for less money too. Get at me VillageVoice!

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