First National Bank Building asked folks to "enjoy seat" where Chris Lollie sat before arrest

Lollie says he was sitting in the chair second closest to the camera in the picture at right when he was arrested in the First National Bank Building's skyway.
:::: UPDATE :::: Pioneer Press photog told to stop shooting in "private" St. Paul skyway

One of the controversies surrounding Chris Lollie's rough, racially charged arrest in the First National Bank Building's skyway is whether the seat he was sitting in when a security guard asked him to leave is in a public space.

A post on the First National Bank Building's Facebook page suggests it is.

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Here's the post, which was published in September 2009 but is newsy after video of Lollie's arrest hit the internet:


We texted Lollie a screengrab of the post and asked him if he can confirm it shows the very chair he sat in before his arrest.

"I sure can, it's the one in the first set facing toward the camera," he replies.

We also asked Lollie how long he was sitting in the chair before a security guard approached and started giving him a hard time.

"Two minutes after," he replies. The guard "walked up to me, we talked for about two or three minutes."

"I sat down at 9:40 [a.m.] and by roughly 9:45 our conversation was done and he was calling the police," Lollie continues.

Lollie's mugshot

But in a statement defending the conduct of officers who handled Lollie's arrest, St. Paul police say they were summoned to the scene on a report of "a man who was trespassing in a private area."

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