Fugitive Ty Hoffman, suspect in Kelly Phillips murder, allegedly robbed Blaine bank

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Surveillance footage from the bank robbery (left); a photo of Hoffman (right).
Three weeks after he allegedly murdered his onetime romantic and Lush business partner Kelly Phillips, Ty Hoffman, it appears, is still in the Twin Cities metro area.

Surveillance footage from a Blaine TCF Bank shows a man who looks just like Hoffman robbing the place around 2 p.m. on Sunday. The car Hoffman was driving the day of Phillips's brutal murder at an Arden Hills gas station was found in Blaine, and authorities' searches for Hoffman have focused on the area surrounding the Blaine airport.

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Here's the news release the Blaine Police Department released yesterday singling out Hoffman as a suspect in the bank robbery:

Hoffman TCF

News of Hoffman's alleged involvement in the robbery sparked a new round of searches around Blaine, but authorities again came up empty handed.

A wanted poster released by the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office on August 21 noted that the gun used in Phillips's murder hasn't been found, so "Hoffman should be considered armed and dangerous."

It also notes that "Hoffman is known to associate within the gay community and investigators believe that he may use Grindr, Craig's List, Scruff, or other applications to find shelter."

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midwestexplorer81 topcommenter

I live in the area he's hiding out and all I can say is he better hope he doesn't try to car jack me or invade my home. I'll break his limbs one by one and shove his gun up his ass before I call the cops.

Janet Cram
Janet Cram

He was in Blaine yesterday, around 4:30 pm, almost hit my car while running from the cops. I saw a helicopter headed N along highway 65 that I think was following him at about 7:30 near East Bethel.


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Mike Wagers
Mike Wagers

He not going to get away. You have to be going somewhere else to get away. He staying here so he will be caught in matter of time.


Winner winner cheap ham sandwich dinner. Forever

Paul Koloc
Paul Koloc

I can't wait til he comes into my work

Anna Koloc
Anna Koloc

I can't wait to watch this story on ID some day.

Dee Finkelson
Dee Finkelson

He will try so hard not to get caught. Jail (rape) will be nightmare.

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