Second Minnesotan to die fighting for ISIS in Syria reportedly had security clearance at MSP

Abdirahmaan Muhumed pic via Facebook
Abdirahmaan Muhumed grew up in Minneapolis, but he became the second Minnesotan to die fighting for ISIS in Syria this summer. (We wrote about the first, Douglas McCain, a week ago.)

But perhaps the scariest aspect of Muhumed's story is what he was reportedly doing for work before leaving America. According to Fox 9, he worked at MSP cleaning planes and had a security clearance giving him unfettered access to the airport's tarmac.

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Fox 9's report is based on what they heard from two of Muhumed's former Delta Global Services co-workers. We reached out to airport officials for confirmation, but they declined to comment on Muhumed's employment history at this time.

However, MSP spokesperson Melissa Scovronski tells us the sort of security clearance Muhumed would've had, assuming the Fox 9 report is correct, is called a Security Identity Display Area, or SIDA.

Scovronski says workers with a SIDA don't necessarily go have to go through a metal detector when they report for work each day. But to get that clearance, prospective employees are subjected to rigorous background checks conducted by the airport in conjunction with the FBI and Homeland Security.

"They can still restrict your access to some degree to certain doors, but basically a SIDA badge is going to let you onto the airfield," Scovronski says. "But you have to renew [your badge] every certain number of months and then they do another check. Though it may not be as thorough of a check, regular renewals of those badges have to take place."

Scovronski didn't immediately have information about what sorts of things in a person's past might disqualify them from receiving a SIDA badge, but Fox reports that Muhumed's record in Minnesota was clean.

It's unclear at what point Muhumed became radicalized. Fox reports he was unemployed before he left Minnesota and had grown disillusioned while struggling to support nine children from several different mothers.

Muhumed's Facebook page, which has been dormant since November of last year and lists him as living in Nigeria, features selfies taken in Minnesota that were posted as recently as August 2013.

Posts from April of last year suggest Muhumed was being pulled in both secular and religious directions:



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