Check out this insane footage of 61-car pileup on Mendota Bridge

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A massive pileup occurred just before 1 p.m. today in the westbound lanes of Highway 55 over the Mendota Bridge, closing the highway.

-- Check out this crazy video of the demolition derby on I-35 near Forest Lake

The State Patrol says one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The 61-car destruction derby began when two vehicles lost control on the icy roadway and crashed, and that in turn caused a semi to jackknife.

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Matt Cooke was not the cause of reporter's facial wound [UPDATE]

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Mike Greenlay / Twitter
Matt Cooke found himself in a universally enviable position last week -- whacking a reporter in the face. Only it wasn't intentional. Seriously.

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Watch in the GIF below as the Rangers' Mats Zuccarello checks the Wild forward. Cooke's stick rockets into the left cheek of Fox Sports North reporter and former NHL goalie Mike Greenlay, who normally has the best seat in the house, smashed between team benches.

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Motorcyclist dies after hitting pothole on I-394

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:::: UPDATE :::: State Patrol spokesperson Jesse Grabow got in touch with us and said further investigation revealed "speed was more of a factor in this crash" than the pothole. Grabow said a witness told investigators Baskaran was traveling at "a very high speed" moments before he hit the pothole and was thrown from his motorcycle to his death.

Though Baskaran was wearing a helmet, he may have been traveling up to 120 miles per hour when he hit the pothole, the State Patrol says. Authorities are also looking for another motorcyclist who was seen riding with Baskaran moments before the wreck. That motorcyclist, who was also wearing a helmet and was possibly riding a 2008-2010 Honda CBR, fled the scene.

Original post -- Just before 10 p.m. last night, a motorcyclist died after hitting a pothole on eastbound I-394 at Theodore Wirth Parkway in Minneapolis.

With the temperature hovering around freezing, Anand Baskaran, a 30-year-old resident of East Northport, New York, was on his 2009 Honda motorcycle when he hit a pothole, lost control, and rode off the roadway, suffering fatal injuries in the process, according to the State Patrol.

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40 semis have jackknifed in Minnesota since 2 p.m. yesterday [UPDATE]

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One semi-tractor trailer jackknifing is usually considered a major event that can shutdown a highway.

Since 2 p.m. yesterday, we've had 40.

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New Vikings linebacker Simoni Lawrence finally pays up

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Simoni selfie viaTwitter
The Simoni Lawrence car accident saga has finally come to an end.

Nearly a year after the uninsured former U of M football captain rear-ended 57-year-old Karla Rehberg on I-94 near downtown Minneapolis, Lawrence has finally agreed to reimburse her for the damage.

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Simoni Lawrence signed by Vikings, but still hasn't paid woman he hit on I-94

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:::: UPDATE :::: New Vikings linebacker Simoni Lawrence finally pays up

Today, the Vikings announced the signing of former University of Minnesota linebacker and 2009 defensive captain Simoni Lawrence.

Lawrence's return to Minnesota following a successful stint in the CFL is a feel-good story, unless you're Karla Rehberg, the 57-year-old Whittier resident Lawrence crunched in his white Camero on I-94 last year.

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Daniel Edmondson embracing new life after losing legs on Nicollet Island

Jesse Marx
Nicollet Island train tracks at night
Daniel Edmondson was looking for a shortcut.

It was just past midnight, and the noise of the Hennepin Avenue club had receded. He and a friend were headed to a house on Nicollet Island as a train crossed their path.

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Edmondson grabbed a ladder in the dark and imagined how he'd soon be grinning and standing on the other side of the tracks. Growing up in Delaware, Ohio, Edmondson used to hitch rides to get around, and it'd always gone smoothly.

But something caught him this time as he jumped. It rocketed him toward the screeching steel and dragged him for about 30 yards before spitting him loose. Up ahead was a bridge, where he could have been smashed or dropped into the river.

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Pickup plummets from overpass to icy pond, driver somehow survives [VIDEO]

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Talk about having a crappy morning...
-- Update at bottom, including video --

There hasn't been much precipitation in recent days, but frozen Twin Cities roads are still slick as snot this morning.

SEE ALSO: KSTP broadcasts video of its own vehicle crashing

It's a lesson the person driving the pickup truck in the above traffic camera image learned in the hardest of ways this morning, as their vehicle plummeted from the overpass all the way down to the icy pond below. (The incident occurred at the intersection of Interstate 694 and Interstate 35E in Little Canada.)

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MN Department of Public Safety releases video confessions of drunken drivers

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Screenshot of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety's new video reminding drivers of the personal and financial wreckage that can follow an old-fashioned booze cruise
Spoiler alert: DWIs are devastating.

Take it from the folks at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety who've produced a video series entitled "DWI Confessions" just in time for the Bacchanalian revelry of year's end.

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State Patrol's Jesse Grabow shares pics of ugly multi-car crash involving his own SUV

Categories: Accidents, Police
For some, car accidents, especially when caused by inattentive drivers, are an occasion to curse both the fates and the idiot responsible for crunching our car.

SEE ALSO: KSTP broadcasts video of its own vehicle crashing

But for Sergeant Jesse Grabow, the State Patrol's public information officer for northwest Minnesota, a wreck -- even one involving his own SUV -- is a teachable moment.

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