Birgetta and Chuck Nelson Are The Notebook in Real Life on a Minneapolis Avenue

City Pages staff
Chuck Nelson reads a Tomas Tranströmer's poem to his bride of 57 years on a spring afternoon.

When the weather is agreeable, Birgetta and Chuck Nelson are in one of two places with their faces toward the sun.

They're either out front on the park bench adjacent Cedar Lake Avenue or inside the central courtyard of the retirement residence where Birgetta has lived since July 2008.

Today, it's the latter.

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The Average Wedding Now Costs $31,000, But Not in Minnesota

Categories: Love

Blaise Alleyne via Flickr
The advantage of being cheap? The more you spend on a wedding, the more likely you are to get divorced.

Think divorce is expensive? Try getting married.

The average cost to earn the right to file a joint tax return hit a five-year high in 2014, according to a new survey of 16,000 brides. reports that the average wedding in America last year came with a price tag of more than $31,000.

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Cliff Andrews, Dad of Cheerleader with Down Syndrome, Says Girl Has Been Mocked Often

Courtesy of Cliff Andrews
Desiree Andrews says she wants to be famous when she grows up.

Cliff Andrews's heart has been thrashed so many times he's lost count.

He's the dad of 14-year-old Desiree, the Kenosha, Wisconsin cheerleader with Down syndrome who garnered national attention after three basketball players stood up to bullies ridiculing her from the bleachers. And he's witnessed kids making fun of his daughter since elementary school.

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Hevvn, a New Twin Cities Swingers Club, Offers a High-Brow Orgy

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Everyone loves mac and cheese, but maybe after 20 years of mac and cheese you might fancy yourself a chicken wing.

That analogy is something you hear a lot in swingers circles -- that loving, committed coitus is a lot like comfort food, but some couples choose to zest up their sex lives by swapping their wives every once in a while. It isn't for everybody, but HEVVN, the Twin Cities' latest membership-based swingers club, proposes that a whole lot of monogamists would love trying out someone new if they only had a safe place to do so.

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Surprise reunion of soldier and his wife at Wild game will make you cry happy tears [VIDEO]

Categories: Love, Military, Wild
The Minnesota Wild helped make Jamie Jenn's birthday very special.

Jenn thought she was taking part in a run of the mill intermission contest last night when, out of nowhere, the scoreboard's video feed was interrupted by her husband, Crystal native Specialist Nick Jenn, who's currently on leave from his third tour of duty in Kuwait.

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Minnesota Lynx's Monica Wright is engaged to Kevin Durant

Categories: Love
Half of basketball's first couple makes her living in Minneapolis.
Seven years after they met at an All-American showcase for high school players in California, Minnesota Lynx player Monica Wright and Kevin Durant are engaged, according to numerous reports.

Durant, a three-time NBA scoring champion for the Oklahoma City Thunder, was spotted in May sitting courtside at a Lynx game. That same day, he donated $1 million to the tornado-ravaged town of Moore, Oklahoma. Wright, who at the time was reportedly nothing more than "friends" with Durant, said she wasn't surprised by his generosity.

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"He's got a heart of gold, and anytime [something like] this happens, he's the first one who wants to help," Wright told Fox Sports North. "He's a really compassionate guy."

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Twins pitcher Vance Worley met his fiancée after she asked him out on Twitter

Categories: Love, Twins
vance worley rect.jpg
Image by Tatiana Craine
Worley spent his first two seasons with the Phillies. He was acquired in the Ben Revere trade in December and might be the Twins' opening day starter.
Who says finding true, lasting love is more difficult in the online dating and social media age?

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A Philadelphia Inquirer profile of new Twins pitcher Vance Worley contains the cute story of how Worley met his fiancée, Maricel Vivas. And it involves Twitpics.

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In Minnesota, most Missed Connections happen at the grocery store [MAP]

Categories: Food, Love
MissedConnections rect.jpg
Classes, Cases, and Chaos blog
"I saw you in the cereal aisle holding a box of Lucky Charms, and I just knew..."
Looking for love? Forget bars, gyms, and coffee shops, and head to... Cub Foods?

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Dorothy Gambrell of Psychology Today put together a map looking at where the most Craigslist Missed Connections happen in each state, and here in Minnesota, the most popular locale for (almost) finding love is the supermarket, of all places.

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Lindsey Vonn reportedly dating Tiger Woods

Categories: Love, Notable MN
vonn woods rect.jpg
Tiger's dating history seems like a topic of conversation Lindsey might want to avoid.
Tiger Woods is reportedly dating Minnesota's sexiest athlete -- St. Paul native Lindsey Vonn.

-- Lindsey Vonn is the most-searched Olympian of all time... of course she is [PHOTOS]
-- Minneapolis woman claims Tiger Woods hurt knee in Navy SEAL urban warfare simulator

We're not sure why Lindsey would want anything to do with Tiger after all the craziness that went down with his ex-wife Elin, but according to a Star magazine report, a source close to Tiger says "He wants to marry again and thinks Lindsey could be the woman." So if you see Tiger working on his game at Hazeltine next spring, now you know.

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Oliver the cat's best friend was an elderly sheep [PHOTO]

Categories: Animals, Love
oliver ada.jpg
Photo submitted to Minnesota Historical Society Press
Oliver's favorite place to hang out was on Ada's back, and she didn't seem to mind.
Sometimes living creatures form hard-to-explain connections transcending age, appearance, and even the ability to see and hear.

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Or such was seemingly the case with Oliver the cat and Ada the sheep, two Alexandria-area farm animals that became the unlikeliest of best friends.

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