Vikings holiday video pokes fun at Adrian Peterson for being a terrible gift-giver

Adrian Peterson and the Vikings want to wish you a happy holidays.
The Vikings' 2013 holiday video teases Adrian Peterson for being a bad gift-giver. In fact, it's bluntly entitled "Adrian Peterson sucks at giving gifts."

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It's all meant in good fun, but depending how much you enjoy blasting over snow-covered ground at high rates of speed, there might actually be something to the notion Peterson isn't very good at shopping for presents. Earlier this season, AP made headlines for giving each Vikings offensive lineman a snowmobile as tokens of gratitude for blocking so well for him during his MVP 2012 campaign.

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Adrian Peterson slams Baltimore fans as "the worst" after snowball fight

There was a lot to like about yesterday's nail-biter of a Vikings game, but one aspect might have marred the experience: the awful fans of Baltimore, Maryland.

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That's according to Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson, who took to Twitter shortly after yesterday's game to declare Ravens fans "the worst fan base I've ever experienced" and call them out for throwing snowballs throughout the fourth quarter.

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Joseph Patterson pleads not guilty to killing AP's son, is released from custody [UPDATE]

Keloland TV screengrab
Joseph Patterson walks into court before yesterday's hearing.
:::: UPDATE :::: Patterson posted $75,000 of his $750,000 bond yesterday and was released from custody without conditions, the Associated Press reports.

Original post (October 29) -- Yesterday, Joseph Patterson, the 27-year-old South Dakota man accused of brutally murdering Adrian Peterson's "secret" two-year-old son, Ty Doohen, pleaded not guilty to the murder, manslaughter, assault, and child abuse charges he faces in connection with the October 11 incident.

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In court, Patterson's attorney, Tim Rensch, argued that Ty's death was the result of choking on candy, not violent shaking as prosecutors allege. As we reported the day of the incident, people close to Ty's mother were initially told the child was rushed to the hospital with brain injuries because he'd choked.

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Joseph Patterson indicted for murder in connection with AP son's death

Joey Patterson
As expected, a grand jury has indicted Joseph Patterson on second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in connection with the death of Adrian Peterson's two-year-old son, Tyrese Robert Doohen.

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Ty was in Patterson's care before he was rushed to a Sioux Falls hospital on the evening of October 9. As we reported, Ty's friends and family initially thought the boy had choked on candy, but authorities later concluded the injuries that would ultimately claim his life were a result of child abuse.

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Adrian Peterson sued earlier this year for not paying child support, TMZ reports

Categories: Adrian Peterson
Erica Syion (right) is the mother of Adrian Peterson's four-year-old son.
Adrian Peterson was sued in April for not paying child support, TMZ reports.

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The suit was reportedly filed by Erica Syion, a former Dallas stripper who mothered Adrian's now four-year-old son.

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Adrian Peterson fathered another secret child with server at Seven, TMZ reports [UPDATE]

Categories: Adrian Peterson
:::: UPDATE II :::: According to a TMZ interview with the woman Peterson fathered a child with in Dallas, Peterson has at least seven kids.

:::: UPDATE :::: According to a new TMZ report, AP actually has at least five children. Word emerged today of a four-year-old boy Peterson fathered with a former stripper in Dallas. Peterson gives the mother money and sometimes visits his son, TMZ reports.

Original post -- Before news of Adrian Peterson's "secret" Sioux Falls son broke last Friday, people were under the impression AP had just two children -- Adrian Jr. and a daughter named Adeja.

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Well, if a TMZ report published last night can be believed, Peterson has actually been the father of at least four kids.

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Why the New York Post is wrong about Adrian Peterson

On the New York Post's website today is a teaser that says, "Son's death doesn't make Adrian Peterson a great person."

The link goes to a piece by columnist Phil Mushnick dressing down Adrian Peterson for having the temerity to play yesterday's Vikings game after learning of the tragic death Friday of his two-year-old son in Sioux Falls, who was the victim of alleged child abuse by the mother's boyfriend.

But the entire column is not just mean-spirited, but also wrong, and predicated on a widespread misunderstanding.

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NY Post's Phil Mushnick writes column implying AP is partly responsible for son's murder

Mushnick (right) argues that AP is partly responsible for his son's murder.
The New York Post's Phil Mushnick is no stranger to controversy. But he outdid himself with his Sunday column about Adrian Peterson's "secret" son, which media observers are calling "possibly [the] worst column ever" and "the most offensive sports column in the history of Earth."

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In "Being a great player doesn't make Peterson a great guy," Mushnick argues AP's alleged moral shortcomings are partly responsible for his child's murder.

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Mourning for Ty, Adrian Peterson's 2-year-old son who died as a result of child abuse

From the beginning, there has been widespread misunderstanding about Ty, the 2-year-old son of Adrian Peterson who died in Sioux Falls last Friday as a result of injuries allegedly inflicted by Joey Patterson, the mother's boyfriend.

When the horrific news of the child's injuries were first reported by TMZ, the site initially claimed that the injured boy was Adrian Peterson Jr., the 2-year-old who was often seen in photos playing football with his famous dad.
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Joey Patterson, man accused of beating AP's child, says his son is "my life" [UPDATE]

Joey Patterson
:::: UPDATE :::: Mourning for Ty, Adrian Peterson's 2-year-old son who died as a result of child abuse

As we mentioned in our post about AP's "secret" Sioux Falls child, Joey Patterson, the man accused of brutally beating AP's son, has a public Facebook page (UPDATE -- AP's son has died).

In light of the charges he faces, one of the interesting things about Patterson's page is how outspokenly he repeatedly professes his love for his young son. In fact, in photo captions he characterizes his boy, who looks to be about the same age as AP's son, as "my life."

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