Franken/McFadden and Dayton/Johnson Debate Today: Watch Them Here

On the top row (from left to right), IP candidate Hannah Nicollet, Dayton, and Johnson will participate in the gubernatorial debate. On the bottom... well, you know who those guys are.
It's October, which means we're hitting the homestretch of the election season.

Today, in fact, may be one of the biggest days between now and November 4, as debates will be held in the races for the two highest-profile offices up for grabs in Minnesota -- the gubernatorial seat currently held by Mark Dayton, and the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Al Franken.

Thanks to the Uptake, you can watch both of them, streaming and on demand, below the jump.

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MNGOP Rips Franken... for Voting, with McCain, to Cut Obama's Military Spending

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al franken rect.jpg
Sometimes, you just can't win.
On Wednesday, the MNGOP tweeted this: Sounds scary, right? But what if you were told one of the Franken votes the MNGOP highlights was in favor of an amendment introduced by hawkish Republican Sen. John McCain and was intended to cut wasteful military spending proposed by Obama? Doesn't sound so bad, right?

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Franken, McFadden slug it out over Minnesota's connections to radical Islam

On the same day news broke about the second Minnesotan who died fighting for ISIS in Syria having a security clearance at MSP, Sen. Al Franken wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder dinging Obama for not doing enough to prevent Minnesotans from traveling to the Middle East and putting their lives on the line for the cause of radical Islam.

"I was troubled by the President's recent suggestion that the Administration has not yet developed a comprehensive strategy to address the growing threat of ISIL's activities in Syria," Franken wrote earlier this week (ISIL and ISIS are both acronyms for the same group). "The Justice Department should focus its resources and efforts in places where terrorism recruitment efforts may be happening at higher rates, such as Minnesota. In addition, the Justice Department should coordinate with the State Department and the Homeland Security Department to prevent Americans from traveling abroad to join forces with ISIL."

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Sen. Al Franken finds favor and distrust at north Minneapolis block party

Jesse Marx
U.S. Sen. Al Franken at the Broadway Day Block Party
Saturday's Broadway Day Block Party was an opportunity for north Minneapolis to celebrate the end of summer and bask in its cultural goodness. Community organizers enlisted new recruits, musicians wailed, and the hungry salivated over roasted cayenne-peppered corn.

It was, in some ways, a miniature version of the Minnesota State Fair with one notable constant: the presence of U.S. Sen. Al Franken.

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MNGOP feigns outrage over lame Al Franken cone boob video

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Immature? Sure. Worthy of self-flagellation? No.
In April, then-U.S. Senate hopeful Julianne Ortman (R-Chanhassen) distributed an absurd petition calling for Al Franken to apologize for a secretly recorded 2012 video showing him joking around in an Arizona driveway with traffic cones.

The whole thing was a blatant attempt to score cheap political points, as Franken has nothing to apologize for. Don't believe us? Check out the raw footage below the jump.

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Gaza peace activists put Al Franken on blast, plan "die-in" at Star Tribune HQ [VIDEO]

Sixteen protesters, including Jess Sundin, were arrested after they refused to leave Franken's office.
A local organization called the Anti-War Committee is taking Minnesota's U.S. Senators to task for siding with Israel during that country's ongoing conflict with the Palestinians.

Last week, the group stormed Sen. Al Franken's Minnesota office and ended up getting him on the phone for a tense conversation.

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Franken, Klobuchar strike similarly moderate positions in response to Medtronic news

Is whether Metronic stays in Minnesota something our politicians can control? That's the question.
-- Correction at bottom --

Minnesota's eighth-largest company is relocating overseas. The New York Times views the move through the lens of federal tax policy and the taxes Medtronic can avoid paying by leaving America, while the company itself cites more benevolent reasons, like access to European markets.

In any event, the news doesn't sound auspicious for our state economy, right? But in response, DFL Gov. Mark Dayton is donning rose-colored glasses.

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Mike McFadden doesn't provide health insurance to his campaign staffers

During a May 22 appearance on Detroit Lakes' KDLM radio, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Mike McFadden was asked what lessons from his business career he's taking with him on the campaign trail.

McFadden, who most recently worked as co-CEO of a Minneapolis-based investment bank, replied, "Well, I think I've gained some very, very, very relevant experience. Jake, one, in the business you have to be results-oriented, you have to be people-oriented, you have to know how to motivate. I know what it's like to make a payroll, I know what it's like to provide healthcare for my employees." (emphasis ours)

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Julianne Ortman distributes ridiculous petition protesting secretly recorded Franken joke video

Ortman is easily offended, it seems.
In a petition published on her Facebook page yesterday, Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Julianne Ortman says a recently released secret recording of Al Franken joking around in an Arizona driveway shows he "still doesn't take women seriously."

But really the only thing the petition demonstrates is how hard it is to take Ortman's campaign seriously.

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Sarah Palin endorses Julianne Ortman while calling Al Franken "a Big Fat Liberal"

Shealeah Craighead
Sarah Palin shaking hands with MNGOP Sen. Julianne Ortman at MoA
Sarah Palin announced her support today for Julianne Ortman, the MNGOP senator who's hoping to step up to Al Franken in a race that the former Alaska governor is calling "The Clown vs. the Mama Grizzly."

In making her endorsement, Palin also took shots at Ortman's leading Republican rival, Mike McFadden, a businessman whom she called a "well-funded favorite of the Washington GOP establishment whose policy is a blank slate." Back in January, McFadden reported to have raised $1.7 million for the campaign, an amount that dramatically exceeded the other GOP contenders.

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