How Does the Failed Comcast-Time Warner Merger Affect the Twin Cities?

MIke Mozart/Flickr
The dropped merger spared the Twin Cities from a new spinoff company called Greatland Communications

Who would've ever thought a day would come when we'd rejoice over the ability to retain Comcast service?

Well, here we are. Yesterday Bloomberg reported the Comcast-Time Warner merger is dead, salvaging a sliver of hope for real competition in the cable/internet market someday.

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Al Franken Wants to Outlaw the Deceitful Contracts That Nearly Everyone Signs

Texas A&M University
If you've agreed to arbitration, there's a good chance the odds are rigged against you

No one but lawyers enjoys suing people. So sitting down and talking through a problem sounds like a noble idea. But if you've agreed to arbitration in the contracts you've signed for everything from your job to your cell phone, there's a good chance you signed up to be screwed.

These agreements are usually heavily rigged in favor of the company. So if you've been defrauded by your credit card company or swindled out of overtime pay, you may have given away any recourse.

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Al Franken Finds Unlikely Ally in Fight Against Comcast/Time-Warner Merger

John Taylor via Flickr
Does anyone think this is a good idea?
Al Franken has spent years railing against the proposed merger of Comcast and Time-Warner. As the regulatory approval process drags on, Franken and his lefty compatriots opposing the merger have picked up a few deep-pocketed allies from the right.

Republican Super PAC Conservative War Chest announced last week it will begin airing two-minute ads opposing the merger in five states because it would increase the power of "the nation's most powerful and even militant left-of-center political force."

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Franken Not Satified with Uber's Non-Answers About Privacy Policy

screenshot of MSNBC
Franken is still hammering Uber over its privacy policy

Last month Sen. Al Franken took Uber to task over the tech giant's vague privacy policy, which was reportedly being abused by both employees and executives.

Franken used his position as chairman of a Senate subcommittee on privacy and technology to ask Uber a series of pointed questions, and yesterday he posted Uber's response, which answered none of them.

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Franken to Obama: Knock Off Your Wall Street Love Affair

John Taylor, via Creative Commons
Franken is fed up with Obama filling his cabinet with Wall Street alums

A growing faction of big-name Democrats, including Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, are lining up to block President Obama from appointing another Wall Street guy to a gig within the Treasury Department.

On Wednesday Franken issued a statement opposing the nomination of Antonio Weiss for Under Secretary for Domestic Finance. Interestingly enough, Weiss works for the same finance company (Lazard Middle Market) Mike McFadden, Franken's opponent in the last election, used to work for.

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Al Franken Grills Uber Over Privacy Policy

Uber Press Kit
Uber stores data about where you've been and Senator Franken wants to know why

Sen. Al Franken wants some answers from Uber after a BuzzFeed story quoted one of Uber's top executives suggesting the company should dig up dirt on journalists critical of the company.

Franken, the chair of a Senate subcommittee on privacy and technology, sent a letter to Uber's CEO yesterday asking 10 pointed questions about Uber's privacy policy.

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Local Progressives Rejoice After Obama Finally Backs Net Neutrality

Blais Alleyne
Upcoming political and legal battles will determine the internet's future

In a statement that drew nonsensical metaphors from the right and belated optimism from the left, President Obama finally publicly supported equal internet access for all yesterday.

Obama's statement set the stage for a legal and political battle newly re-elected Sen. Al Franken has repeatedly called "the First Amendment Issue of our time."

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Did Al Franken Really Win in 2008 Because of Non-Citizen Voting?

al franken rect.jpg

A few days ago, a new headline spread like the plague across the worst of the worst conservative publications: VOTER FRAUD IS REAL, it said. And the politician taking the greatest advantage, they say? Minnesota's own, U.S. Sen. Al Franken.

Naturally, the story went viral in Tea Party circles: the Drudge Report, the National Review, all your favorites. But is it actually true? Considering the questionable sources of this stuff, we'd automatically lean toward a full-on no. But we decided to look anyway.

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Franken Campaign Goes After McFadden for Selling Merch Made in China

Franken's team views the origin of McFadden's hats as a microcosm of his politics.
-- Update at bottom --

In June, Al Franken's campaign went after Mike McFadden for having a batch of his official T-shirts made in Nicaragua. McFadden's camp said it was a one-time thing and pointed out that Mike's shirts are typically made by a Minnesota company.

But Franken's campaign workers are again making McFadden's merch an issue, as today they distributed a release pointing out that hats sold on McFadden's campaign website are apparently made in China.

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MNGOP Slams Al Franken on Ebola, But a Bigger Question Remains...

via Chris Steller
Just when we thought political mailers had hit rock bottom, we find the above image floating around the internet.

It comes from the Republican Party of Minnesota, which is trying hard to make the Ebola virus a top issue for this year's Senate race against incumbent Dem Al Franken. GOP candidate Mike McFadden has argued that a ban on travel between West African countries, where the virus has already killed thousands, and the United States is the best way to contain it.

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