Small Relief for Dairy Cows Whose Horns Are Gouged Out of Their Heads

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Gunnar Richter
Milking parlor

Dairy farmers don't want horns on their cows. When the animals are stuffed into tight, stressful pens next to other unhappy cows, fights are bound to break out.

For decades, farmers have pacified the problem by burning away calves' horn tissue before their horns start to take shape. They'd apply caustic chemicals or white-hot irons directly to the skull. The teenage calves whose horns have already started to peak will have to have them cut or gouged out. None of this happens with painkillers.

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Rudolph Poppe will serve less time for savagely killing dog than you might think

Rudolph Poppe
In July, Rudolph Poppe brutally killed his 13-year-old Golden Retriever in his driveway with a sledgehammer as horrified onlookers, including a number of children, watched.

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Poppe, a 71-year-old Savage resident, was sentenced earlier this week. And while the Star Tribune characterized his punishment as "above and beyond the usual sentence for animal cruelty," others regard it as too light given the cruelty of his crime.

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White House website about Minnesota turkeys works smoothly, sparks misguided concern

Unlike a certain other website his administration has created -- *coughObamacarecough* -- the Obama administration's 2013 National Thanksgiving Turkey one works great!

Visitors to the site are asked to choose between Caramel or Popcorn -- two Minnesota-raised turkeys who are the finalists to become this year's winner. On the site, you can "learn about each bird, listen to their gobble and then make your selection."

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Accused dogfighter Leroy Longs Jr. allegedly kept pit bulls chained in small kennels 24/7

Longs Jr. and one of the 15 pitbulls seized from him.
Hennepin County prosecutors have charged 34-year-old north Minneapolis resident Leroy Longs Jr. with felony animal fighting for his alleged involvement in a dogfighting ring.

THE BACKSTORY: Leroy Longs Jr. is Minneapolis dogfighting suspect

The criminal complaint says that during the course of searching the properties where Longs Jr. kept his pit bulls, investigators determined he kept the dogs chained up in small kennels "24 hours per day."

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Leroy Longs Jr. is Minneapolis dogfighting suspect [MUGSHOT]

:::: UPDATE :::: Accused dogfighter Leroy Longs Jr. allegedly kept pit bulls chained in small kennels 24/7

Though he hasn't yet been formally charged with crimes as we publish this, north Minneapolis resident Leroy Longs Jr. is the suspect currently in custody in connection with an alleged Minneapolis dogfighting ring.

THE BACKSTORY: MPD breaks up large dogfighting ring

His mugshot is at the top of this post.

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MPD breaks up large dogfighting ring

WCCO screengrab
This pit bull was one of more than a dozen rescued by police.
:::: UPDATE :::: Leroy Longs, Jr. is Minneapolis dogfighting suspect [MUGSHOT]

Yesterday, Minneapolis police announced they've seized 15 pit bulls (including five puppies), two guns, narcotics, dog fighting paraphernalia, and a dog fighting training manual during the course of breaking up a local dogfighting ring.

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One unnamed suspect is in custody at Hennepin County jail awaiting felony animal cruelty and fighting charges. The dogs, meanwhile, will be evaluated be a veterinarian, and depending on how that goes some could be put up for adoption.

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Petition against Minnesotan lion huntress racks up more than 173k signatures [PHOTOS]

The photo that launched tens of thousands of outraged e-signatures.
Melissa Bachman (no relation to that other M. Bachmann) is just a Minnesota girl. She grew up hunting foxes, ducks, and deer with her family in Paynesville, and after graduating from St. Cloud State University in 2006, she writes on her website, she "dreamed of a way to hunt for a living."

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Friends of Mpls Animal Control petitioning new policy that could lead to more euthanizations

The city recently made it much more difficult for moderators of the fMACC Facebook page to do their jobs.
For some time now, when dogs or cats have been taken into custody by Minneapolis Animal Care and Control, agency volunteers have passed along information about some of the animals to moderators of an independent Facebook page called "Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control."

The moderators would then use that information, including photos and descriptions of behavioral characteristics, to put together posts about the animals. The hope is that people will save the animals from euthanization by adopting them. If nobody steps forward to adopt the animals and they're put down, the posts are updated with an "RIP" tag in the Facebook page's "Rainbow Bridge" section.

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But according to fMACC, the MACC-affiliated folks who supplied the information used for the Facebook posts were recently ordered to cease doing so or risk losing their jobs. The reason? The city has created its own in-house website that is intended to pass along the same information people have come to expect from fMACC.

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Brutal treatment of pigs at Minnesota hog farm secretly filmed by employee [VIDEO]

Categories: Animal Rights
Video screengrab
As is the case at many other hog farms, pigs at Rosewood are kept in cramped crates.
With the help of an employee who was secretly working for them, animal rights group Mercy for Animals recently published an undercover video showing the brutal treatment of pigs at a hog farm in Pipestone, Minnesota.

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The video shows piglets getting castrated without anesthesia and slammed to death on the floor, among other brutalities.

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Man sells opportunity to shoot captive deer on Craigslist [PHOTO]

Got nearly $10,000 to spare? The owner of Summers Deer Farm in Vergas, Minnesota, wants that much coin for the opportunity to shoot Tarzan, a large four-year-old trophy buck with an impressive rack that's held captive on his roughly 25-acre property.

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While the offer is legal, some argue it's unethical. For instance, John Young, a member of a nearby deer hunters association, told WDAY that "I guess if it is legal, that is one thing; but [the] true hunter would not want to do something like that."

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