Bill banning "Asian carp" advances; Asian leaders say term is offensive

This fella is invasive, not Asian, the author of the bill says.
Yesterday, the Senate Environment and Energy Committee unanimously voted to ban the term "Asian carp" from Minnesota statute. The bill now advances to the Senate floor.

The vote came after testimony by two Asian leaders who characterized the term "Asian carp" as offensive and racist.

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Famous D.C. snowy owl that was reportedly hit by bus being treated at U of M

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The unlucky bird had injuries from two separate incidents when it arrived at the U of M.
In late January, a snowy owl that created quite a stir in Washington, D.C. was found injured. The poor fella reportedly had been hit by a bus.

The rare owl has since been transported to The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota, where it recently underwent a successful feather transplant procedure.

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Bald eagles found talon-locked in Shakopee being nursed back to health [PHOTOS]

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Maury Glover on Twitter
Talk about keeping your enemies close...
Two bald eagles found injured with their talons locked together in a Shakopee yard Monday afternoon following a fight are being nursed back to health at the University of Minnesota Raptor Center.

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Asked why the birds were going at it, Julie Ponder, executive director of the Raptor Center, said it was probably a territorial dispute.

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Someone put a deer carcass in their single-sort recycling bin

This fella isn't meant to be recycled!
From the "burying the lede" file:

This morning, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader published a story entitled, "Too much trash is going into recycling bins, garbage handlers say." Whatever. But 13 paragraphs deep is this Weird Wisconsin-worthy passage:

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DNR relaunches live cam on local bald eagle nest [PHOTOS]

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via the Minnesota Department of Natural Resource's live cam
America! An eagle looks out for the eggs in the Twin Cities nest.
Somewhere in the Twin Cities, a pair of bald eagles and their eggs are getting used to life on camera. This morning, the state Department of Natural Resources switched on a live feed of the birds' nest.

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Minnesota Timberpuppies video is too cute

Over the weekend, the Timberwolves' official YouTube account released a video guaranteed to make you want to stop what you're doing and cuddle with the nearest puppy.

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The "Minnesota Timberpuppies" clip features cute pups playing doggie basketball while representing the T-Wolves' starting five.

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St. Paul flooded with Endangered Species Condoms thanks to most romantic status [UPDATE]

Center for Biological Diversity
-- Update with info about how you can get them at bottom --

Already the continent's best romantic getaway, St. Paul is about to get a whole lot cuter in the condom department.

The Center for Biological Diversity is flooding St. Paul with hundreds of Endangered Species Condoms thanks to the city's romantic recognition.

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Supreme Court weighs if MN farmer can sue feds over 212 dead cows

Matt Seppings on Flickr
Greg Herden watched helplessly as the cows on his family farm in Gully, about an hour west of Bemidji, began spontaneously aborting their calves. The young were coming out still-born or near death.

A veterinarian investigated and found that the calves' blood was not coagulating. There was mold in the stomach. And to make matters worse, the adult cows were now sick.

The next year, Herden buried the last of his bovine -- number 212.

"It was a hard time," he says. "How would you like to bury a dead pet every few days?"

His family is suing the U.S. Department Agriculture for negligence, claiming that a grazing specialist inadvertently poisoned some of the fields. The case is up for consideration by the United States Supreme Court.

If the court decides to take it and rules in the Herdens' favor, all those dead cows could change the way the rest of us interact with government employees.

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Como Zoo orangutans get $66,000 from local businessman with interesting donation history

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courtesy Johannes Marliem
Little Jaya plays on his rope swing. Jaya was born six years ago via emergency C-section at the U of M.
On Friday, the Como Zoo's baby orangutan, Jaya, turned six, and celebrated with a full-on birthday party. All four of the zoo's orangutans put on party hats, ate new foods like bagels and whipped cream, and unwrapped gifts like balls and strainers (for playing with their water or putting on their heads).

They also got another kind of gift: A $66,000 donation from local businessman Johannes Marliem.

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Owl rescued in downtown Duluth is dead

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Sara Clark
In lieu of flowers, buy blinds.

A long-eared owl that was rescued by firefighters Monday after slamming into a second-story office window in downtown Duluth has died.

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