Paul Trott says cop who shot his dog told him, "This is what we do and I would do it again"

Tito (left); Tito and one of his owners, Josh Lyczkowski (right).
During my regular Friday appearance on AM 1130's Up and At 'Em show last week, yours truly and hosts Jack Tomczak and Ben Kruse talked about the sad story of Tito, the dog that was recently shot to death by a Minneapolis cop on the North Side.

During the discussion, one of Tito's owners, Paul Trott, called in to share his perspective. Right off the bat, he said this: "The very first thing out of [the officer who shot his dog's] mouth, and the truth is, he said, 'This is what we do and I would do it again.' And that is the honest truth."

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DNR explains why wolf hunt will expand this season

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is upping the number of wolf hunting and trapping licenses available this year to 3,800, an increase of 500 from last year.

Asked why, Dan Stark, a large carnivore specialist for the DNR, cites two factors -- the DNR's most recent estimate of the wolf population, which shows an increase from last year, and the success rate of hunters and trappers trying to nab a wolf.

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Audubon Society says glassy new Vikings stadium will needlessly kill birds

Categories: Animals, Vikings
Thumbnail image for VikingsStadiumNewRect.jpg
The Audubon Society says birds from about half of Minnesota's 250 breeding bird species regularly die from flying into glass buildings.
The Minnesota Audubon Society wants the Vikings and/or the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Authority to spend between $400,000 and roughly $1 million on a glaze that would help birds steer clear of the glassy new Vikings stadium.

But talks recently broke down, so now the Audubon Society is taking its case to the public.

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MPD kills innocent north Minneapolis couple's dog [UPDATES]

Tito, the Cane Corso killed by the MPD Friday evening.
:::: UPDATE :::: Here's what the MPD incident report says about Tito's shooting: "DOGS RAN AT OFFICER AND WOULD NOT STOP. DOG DISPATCHED BY OFFICER. SUPERVISOR AND ANIMAL CONTROL RESPONDED TO SCENE." The arrested party is a minor, so his name isn't public information.

:::: UPDATE II :::: The MPD sent us this statement about the incident:
Police officers are placed into situations where, at times, they must make immediate decisions based on only the facts that are present at that moment. The officers are mandated to make the decisions to preserve their own safety as well as the safety of others.

The decision to shoot, or harm, an animal is not made lightly, but at times must be made immediately. Officers have no way of knowing the history of the animal, or what the animal may do. Every threat must be taken seriously.

These are very sad and unfortunate incidents and ones that no one wants to occur.
We also asked the MPD for information about the number of dogs that have been shot by officers in recent years, but that data wasn't immediately available.

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St. Paul PD defends killing dogs while executing search warrant that didn't lead to arrest

Categories: Animals, Police

All screengrabs via Fox 9
Pit bulls Mellow, 5 (left), and Laylo, 13, were killed.
On Wednesday morning, a St. Paul Police Department SWAT team kicked down Larry Arman's door and shot his two beloved pitbulls to death.

Officers were executing a no-knock search warrant as part of an investigation instigated by Minneapolis police, law enforcement officials in both cities tell us. They didn't find much -- according to Fox 9, the search yielded clothing, a glass bong, and suspected marijuana crumbs in a metal grinder.

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Scandia's St. Sauver Jr. in trouble for keeping gators, killing horses, guns, pot, 'shrooms...

Categories: Animals, Crime
St. Sauver Jr., on a boat, looking for his escaped gators.
:::: UPDATE :::: Scandia's St. Sauver Jr., in trouble for keeping gators and killing horses, dies in one-car wreck

We first had occasion to mention William St. Sauver Jr. in Blotter last August, when his two pet alligators escaped from his Scandia residence and wound up in Goose Lake.

Earlier this week, in connection with that incident, St. Sauver Jr. pleaded guilty to a petty misdemeanor charge of keeping wild exotic animals. He was fined $585, Washington County court officials tell us. But he's in bigger trouble because of something more sinister that happened a couple months later.

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Feisty, the flood-freed Duluth seal, is still chilling at Como Zoo [PHOTO]

Categories: Animals
Ellie Buchar on Twitter
It was two years ago today that severe flooding in Duluth liberated a number of animals from the Lake Superior Zoo, including Feisty the seal.

Though the flood produced many iconic images (view a top 10 list of them here), none surpassed a bug-eyed Feisty wiggling across Duluth's Grand Avenue while a car patiently waited for her. After the waters receded, Feisty, along with her sister Vivian, were transported from the flood-damaged Lake Superior Zoo to the Como Zoo in St. Paul.

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Boxer responsible for fatal Kingfield dog attack euthanized by Mpls Animal Control [PHOTOS]

Images via Julene Lind
Ziggy (pictured) died as a result of an attack by a boxer.
-- Update at bottom --

While being walked on Easter evening, a papillon named Ziggy was suddenly and brutally attacked and left for dead by a boxer after it tore away from a leash held by a young boy in Kingfield's Martin Luther King Park. (Read the full backstory here.)

Late last month, the boxer responsible for the attack was put to death by Minneapolis Animal Control, city spokesman Casper Hill tells us.

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Pit bulls, Rottweilers now adoptable from Minneapolis Animal Control for first time

hernan.mojarro on Flickr
Rottweiler puppies.
As of today, for the first time ever, all dog breeds, including pit bulls and Rottweilers, are now directly adoptable from Minneapolis Animal Control.

Up until now, so-called "bully breed" dogs that came into Animal Control's possession had to be placed with third-party rescue groups before they could be adopted. An ordinance that went into effect today eliminates the middle man, though Minneapolis will continue to place dogs that aren't adopted in rescue facilities.

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Injured Savage bear touring the Twin Cities, spotted in Woodbury and Eagan [PHOTO]

Categories: Animals
Eagan Police Department on Twitter
The Savage bear, chilling in Eagan this morning.
The black bear that was apparently shot by city of Savage police more than a week ago probably won't escape his predicament alive, but at least he's taking time to travel. (Read our original post about him here.)

On Sunday, the roughly 200-pound bear was spotted in Burnsville near 134th Street and Parkwood Avenue. A witness reported seeing the bear limping and holding its rear left leg up while getting around.

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