Three Kittens Discovered Inside Dumpster in Taped-Up Box

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abcrumley, via Creative Commons

Some people are just the worst. Last week a property manager in Hudson heard loud meowing coming from a dumpster near Buffalo Wild Wings, and when he investigated further he found a shipping box taped shut with three kittens inside.

Kathi Pelnar, the city's animal control worker, responded to the man's call on December 11 around 11:30 a.m. She estimated the kittens were between six and eight weeks old.

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UMD Busts Out a Few Mini-Horses to Help Relieve Finals Week Stress

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Brett Groehler
Feel that stress melt away

If the classic NBC comedy Parks & Rec has taught us anything, it's that mini-horses are wonderful creatures that spread joy to everyone around them. (RIP Lil' Sebastian)

On Tuesday the University of Minnesota Duluth brought in two mini-horses and a gigantic dog for stressed out students to hang out with while they procrastinated studying.

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Take Your Pet Obsession to the Next Level with PetChatz


A startup in Burnsville created a new way to obsess over your beloved pets.

Anser Innovation spent the last three years developing PetChatz, a device that allows pet owners to basically set up a Skype session with their pets, with the added bonus of being able to dispense treats and smells (yes, really) via web app.

The first batch of PetChatz, which retails for $349, ships out on Monday.

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Rare Western Minnesota Moose Sighting Occurs in Unfortunate Place

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Minnesota's moose range (left); a moose (right).
A rare moose sighting in western Minnesota, near the town of Barnesville, ended tragically for the animal, which died after it was smoked by several vehicles around 4:45 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Less than 100 moose live in the northwestern part of the state, but they don't usually make it as far away as Barnesville, which is actually a bit south of the Fargo-Moorhead area.

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Humane Society Receives the Cutest Letter From Little Girl [PHOTO]

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Yesterday, the Animal Humane Society received the most adorable letter ever from a little girl named May. In fact, it's enough to bring tears to a grown man's eyes.

Humane Society workers scanned May's letter and uploaded it to Facebook, where it quickly went viral, as things this cute are wont to do on the internet.

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Lynn Rogers Says State Is Out to Get Him as DNR Bars Bear Den Cams

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Rogers and one of his beloved bears.
Lynn Rogers, subject of last month's feature story, "How bear expert Lynn Rogers went from scientific pioneer to pariah," has officially lost his battle with the DNR over whether he can put cameras in bear dens and radio collars on the animals.

In a decision announced earlier this week, the DNR upheld an initial ruling made last year to deny Rogers's permits.

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Dognapper Strikes Outside St. Paul SuperAmerica [IMAGES]

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Kika photo via St. Paul Police Department
-- Update at bottom --

St. Paul police are asking for help finding Kika, a white poodle-Yorkie mix that was stolen outside a SuperAmerica at 970 W. University Ave. in St. Paul just after 5 p.m. Saturday.

Paul Paulos, spokesperson for the St. Paul Police Department, tells us Kiko's owners tied her up to a trashcan outside the gas station before going inside. When they returned less than five minutes later, she was gone.

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Audubon Society to deliver 77k signatures to guv calling for fritted glass on Vikings stadium

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Bill Majoros on Flickr Creative Commons
According to Audubon, birds like this Canada Warbler often perish when they collide with glass buildings.
At about 10 a.m. today, the Minnesota Audubon Society will deliver a petition with about 77,000 signatures -- 6,000 or so of them from Minnesotans -- to Gov. Mark Dayton calling for the installation of fritted glass on the new Vikings stadium.

"'The People's Stadium' shouldn't be killing the people's birds," Matthew Anderson, executive director of Audubon Minnesota, tells us.

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Despite Mpls pressure, Vikings, MSFA still pleading poverty on bird-safe glass

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Thumbnail image for VikingsStadiumNewRect.jpg
The new Vikings stadium will feature about 200,000 square feet of glass, and the Audubon Society says birds won't be able to see any of it.
On Friday, the Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a resolution calling on the Vikings and the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Authority to spend the money it would take to bird-proof the new Vikings stadium.

"Upgrading to bird-safe glass would add an estimated $1.1 million to the cost of the stadium, or 0.1% of the overall project budget of over $975 million," the resolution says.

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Paul Trott says cop who shot his dog told him, "This is what we do and I would do it again"

Tito (left); Tito and one of his owners, Josh Lyczkowski (right).
During my regular Friday appearance on AM 1130's Up and At 'Em show last week, yours truly and hosts Jack Tomczak and Ben Kruse talked about the sad story of Tito, the dog that was recently shot to death by a Minneapolis cop on the North Side.

During the discussion, one of Tito's owners, Paul Trott, called in to share his perspective. Right off the bat, he said this: "The very first thing out of [the officer who shot his dog's] mouth, and the truth is, he said, 'This is what we do and I would do it again.' And that is the honest truth."

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