Ezra Taylor Accused of Drugging, Molesting 10-Year-Old Girl at Sleepover

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Ano Lobb via Flickr
Ezra Taylor, a 39-year-old man from Uptown, has been accused of drugging and molesting a 10-year-old girl during his daughter's sleepover.

According to the Hennepin County criminal complaint, the girl attended a sleepover at her friend's house on the 3500 block of Colfax Avenue. When she returned home, she complained to her parents that she'd begun to feel dizzy after drinking pop and vomited twice. She stated that after all the girls had fallen asleep, Taylor carried her from the bedroom to the basement to try on thong underwear.

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Seeking attention, Ashleigh Casey allegedly smothered daughter 4 years after killing son

Ashleigh Casey.
In the spring of 2009, Ashleigh Casey's newborn son Alexander was admitted to an emergency room with mysterious symptoms. Doctors didn't see anything wrong with him, and he was released, only to be found dead in Casey's St. Louis Park home later that same day. She claimed he had simply stopped breathing, and Alexander's cause of death was officially determined to be "sudden infant death syndrome."

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But this spring, Casey's newborn daughter, also suffering from mysterious symptoms, was admitted to the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital. In the middle of the night on May 17, Casey, 25, alerted a nurse that she wasn't breathing. Thankfully, the nurse was able to revive her, but suspicions aroused by that incident led to Casey being charged with murder in connection with Alexander's death.

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Tan Mom sent to detox for public drunkenness at MSP

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Last year, Tan Mom told NBC: "I'm sorry, I'm tan. I like to be tan. It just feels good."
Tan Mom spent last night at a Twin Cities detox facility after she landed at MSP drunk as tanning-bed-fried skunk.

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Who is Tan Mom, you ask? Well, her real name is Patricia Krentcil, and we're writing about her because in the spring of 2012, she became a pop culture sensation for about 15 minutes after she allegedly took her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning bed in New Jersey.

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Maplewood couple gets probation for raising baby in "putrid" home [PHOTOS]

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Clayton, complete with swastika tattoo on his arm, shares a moment with Rebecca (left). At right, their mugshots.
This week, Rebecca Koecher and Clayton Johnson were sentenced to two years of probation for raising their 1-year-old son in a "putrid" Maplewood home.

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The couple's sad legal saga began when Clayton drunkenly pounded on his landlord's door on February 4. When police arrived at Rebecca and Clayton's residence to see what the fuss was about, they encountered a scene that would prompt authorities to prohibit them from having contact with their child for nearly three months.

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Boy, 2, found wandering Hastings street with open Mike's Hard Lemonade in hand

Robert Rasset (left)
It raises the question -- can a 2-year-old be charged with public intoxication?
Robert Rasset faces a child endangerment charge after his 2-year-old son was found wandering near 15th Street and Florence Street in Hastings yesterday afternoon with an open Mike Hard's Lemonade in his little hand.

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The boy, in fact, was double-fisting -- as KMSP reports, police found the child holding an open bottle of Mike's in one hand and an unopened one in the other.

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Rosemount High kissing prank tricks kids into making out with mom and dad [VIDEO]

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Screenshot from Youtube.
A lifetime of therapy begins here.
Officials from Rosemount High School are apologizing for a so-called "prank" that will almost surely lead to a lifetime of awkward family gatherings and thousands of hours of therapy for the students involved.

At an end-of-the-year pepfest last week, a group of winter sports captains were blindfolded in the school gym in front of their peers, and told they would be receiving a kiss from a "special someone."

These poor kids reasonably assumed they were about to make out with their classmates. But the assembly organizers had something else in mind: their parents.

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Steven Cross, father who abandoned 11-year-old son, wants to reunite with his child

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Steven Cross doesn't understand all the attention, and wants to see his son again.
Steven Cross, the Lakeville father who left his 11-year-old son behind and bolted for California when he couldn't make ends meet, wants another chance to be a father.

In fact, Cross, who's gone on something of a local media tour since returning to Minnesota, doesn't understand why his case inspired all the outrage and shame he's receiving from other parents.

In the latest interview about his case, Cross told the Star Tribune that he's shocked to find himself in the American spotlight.

"I'm unbelievably surprised at the attention this has gotten," Cross said.

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Mark Nelson squeezed a baby until its ribs broke

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mark nelson mug.jpg
Mark Nelson: Pick on someone your own size.
​The human body has 24 ribs, and Mark Nelson allegedly squeezed a baby so hard that 22 of his broke.

Nelson's been arrested and charged in Washington County for the horrific crime on the baby, which is actually his girlfriend's son. Nelson, 32, took his anger out on the baby, 0, after an argument with the child's mother. He told police that he squeezed the baby boy until he heard a "crack."

Deep breath. It gets worse. Nelson didn't tell the mother what he'd done, and when she noticed the boy falling ill, he said he was sure the baby would "get better.'

Now Nelson's in serious trouble, and so's the baby, which was last known to be in intensive care with critical injuries to his organs, according to the Pioneer Press.

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Steven Cross, father who left his son behind, arrested in California

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Steven Cross turned up in coastal California.
​After the incredibly depressing story last week about Steven Cross, the Lakeville man who split on his son when he couldn't find work, reasonable speculation had it that the desperate man could be headed for a bad end.

In fact, Cross is alive, and was working at a deli in California, where police found him yesterday. Cross was taken into custody without incident, and will now be brought back to Minnesota to face charges and, at least on some level, reconnect with the 11 year old son he left behind.

This story is the stuff of Bruce Springsteen songs.

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Steven Cross abandoned his kid because he was stressed

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Cross was last thought to be in California.
You know those coffee mugs and T-shirts that say, "World's Greatest Dad"? Well, Steven Cross has to turn his in, right after he turns himself in for leaving his 11-year-old boy to fend for himself.

Dakota County has issued a warrant for Cross, who is alleged to have ditched out on the boy after he ran out of money and couldn't find a job. That is, he was so sick of letting his son down, he thought he'd just let him take over. Apparently that's not just stupid, it's illegal.

Cross, who was last known to be somewhere in southern California, is facing a single gross misdemeanor charge of child neglect.

Cross left a letter to his son, explaining why he was leaving him, and told him to walk over to a neighbor's house for help. The boy did, but, for pretty obvious reasons, was crying by the time he got there.

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