The Best Buy "Serial" Tweet: Imagining the Tale Behind the Social Media Fail

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Mike Mozart, via Creative Commons
Young Marketer was too clever for his own good

Young Marketer was sitting on the bus yesterday morning, listening to the latest episode of hit true-crime podcast Serial when a lightning bolt of inspiration blasted down from the heavens.

"Oh, this is going to be good," he thought, heart racing the way it tends to when an especially good idea strikes. It was so obvious in retrospect: The pay phone at Best Buy had been discussed on the show and in online message boards ad nauseam over the last few months. It has even become a pseudo-tourist attraction in recent weeks.

Did Adnan call his friend Jay from the pay phone after murdering his girlfriend? Was there ever even a pay phone at that Best Buy? Who cares? It's Best Buy! Right there at the center of this cultural phenomenon! So obvious.

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Best Buy reportedly laying off 2,000 managers

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Between Target's shrinking profits and this, the Twin Cities big businesses have certainly had better news cycles.
A year to the day after Best Buy announced it was laying off 400 employees at its Richfield headquarters, the New York Post, citing unnamed sources, reports that the company is axing 2,000 managers.

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"Affected workers are mostly in middle management, many of them commanding salaries soaring into the six-figure range as they supervised product categories at upwards of a dozen stores each," the Post reports, adding that no store closings are planned at present.

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Best Buy latest retailer to begin Black Friday on Thanksgiving

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A past Black Friday at Best Buy.
When Target opened at 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day last year, the decision sparked outrage, and 376,998 signatures on a petition urging the retailer to reconsider for employees' sake.

This year, Best Buy is going one further. Stores will open at 6 p.m Thanksgiving Day, right around the time a lot of families sit down for turkey.

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Best Buy

Best Buy "is awful and deserves to die," Slate writes

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Best Buy's Richfield headquarters.
The news has been pretty good for Best Buy since Hubert Joly took over as CEO last year. Though the company is still laying off people, its stock has been one of the best performing on the S&P 500 so far this year, and Time recently proclaimed the company "back from the dead."

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So it's a bummer to read Slate write that "the store is awful and deserves to die." But that's the conclusion writer Matthew Yglesias reached after he and and an intern headed to two Best Buys for a premeditated shopping spree.

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Best Buy's stock jumps thanks to Google Glass rumor

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Soon, Best Buy shoppers might have the opportunity to be like Bachmann.
Here's news Michele Bachmann can be excited about.

Best Buy's stock rose by four percent yesterday after a tech blogger wrote about an "interesting rumor" he heard -- Best Buy will devote in-store space to $1,500-a-piece Google Glass(es) next year.

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Who knew investors were so excited about the damned things?

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Best Buy hit by Banksy-style prankster [PHOTOS] [UPDATE]

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Plastic Jesus on
"Will not work once you get it home. New model out in 4 weeks. Battery life too short to be of use."
-- Original post published August 13 at 7:45 a.m.; update at bottom --

As if Best Buys aren't having a hard enough time selling products, over the weekend, stores in L.A. unknowingly offered an especially unsellable item -- "Useless Plastic Boxes."

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The boxes were the work of Plastic Jesus, an L.A.-based street artist whose work is inspired by "news society [and the] environment," according to his Twitter profile. The Daily Mail notes that he's "been compared to Banksy."

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"Termination Tuesdays" are when Best Buy employees worry about getting laid off

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best buy new rect.jpg
The number of employees working at Best Buy's headquarters has fallen from 9,000 at its peak to about 5,000, the Strib reports.
Tuesday is a particularly tough day to go to work at Best Buy's corporate headquarters in Richfield, and not just because the week hasn't even arrived at hump day yet.

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Best Buy's February announcement that it'd be laying off 400 employees didn't mean the remaining employees were in the clear, as throughout the year, smaller groups of employees have been getting laid off -- typically on Tuesdays.

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Best Buy is back from the dead, Time proclaims

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best buy zombie rect.jpg
Zombified last fall, Best Buy is now back in the realm of the living, Time writes.
Last October, a Bloomberg Businessweek cover feature characterized Best Buy as a "Big Box Zombie" and said the company "is in trouble."

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What a difference nine months can make!

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Best Buy employee wages Reddit campaign to save vintage R.O.B. robot

via Reddit
A Best Buy employee couldn't let this rare find go.
Two days ago, a Best Buy employee discovered that some nerd-illiterate Nintendo R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) owner had dropped the 1980s-era gaming system off for recycling.

The employee couldn't allow the rare toy robot to get scrapped. First, he asked his boss if he could take it home, but heard that, per corporate policy, he would get fired if he did. So he took to Reddit.

The post instantly went viral, attracting more than 5,000 comments and 31,000 "up votes." Inspired by the reaction, the employee decided to go rogue and hatch a plan to save robot R.O.B.

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Best Buy ends work-from-home program [UPDATE]

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Gchat doesn't cut it for CEO Hubert Joly -- he wants his employees back in the office.
-- Update at bottom --

As it seeks to rebound from a disastrous 2012, Best Buy's leadership has decided to end a program that allowed corporate employees to work from home and maintain flexible schedules.

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Though some workers will still be allowed to maintain inconsistent schedules and work away from the company's Richfield headquarters, most will now be expected to put in traditional 40-hour in-the-office work weeks.

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