City Pages' Best Of The Twin Cities 2011: Reader's Poll

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We went back to 1961 for inspiration in this year's Best of the Twin Cities issue, but our readers are inspired everyday by where they work and play. So while we've come up with 250 of our own selections, we also wanted to be sure our readers' voices were heard. We've compiled them below.

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Steve Drazkowski, City Pages' "Best Villain," calls the award an honor

Gracious in victory.
Rep. Steve Drazkowski, the GOP legislator from Mazeppa, is showing the class of a champion.

This week City Pages bestowed upon Drazkowski our annual "Best Villain" award, citing the impressive raft of retrograde legislation he has launched in the past year.

Kind of a backhanded compliment, we have to admit.

But Drazkowski has accepted the award with grace and aplomb. Yesterday he told his hometown paper, the Rochester Post-Bulletin, the he considers the award "a badge of honor."

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City Pages' Best of the Twin Cities is here: Get the extras

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It's 1961, and life is good
We're mad about the Twin Cities. Why? Because it's 1961, and it's a great time to be living the American Dream.

Like the TV series Mad Men, this year's Best of the Twin Cities issue takes you back 50 years: Two new sports teams--the Twins and Vikings--are playing at Metropolitan Stadium. Dayton's is the king of retail. And at the metro's best restaurants you can enjoy a great steak and a fine cigar.

This year's issue includes 250 editor's picks, plus nearly 100 winners chosen by our readers. Of course, they didn't have the internet in 1961, but that hasn't stopped us from creating a slew of online extras. Here are details and links to the best of our Best-of issue, including information on how you could win a gift basket from City Pages with gifts from 2011 winners.

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Lanesboro, Minn. named one of America's Prettiest Towns

Photo by Mulad
We've already told you to check out Lanesboro on a perfect summer weekend, but now America is catching on to our little gem near Rochester. We named Lanesboro the Best Day Trip in our "Best of" issue last year.

Lanesboro's also been named on the America's Prettiest Towns list in Forbes magazine. So why does Lanesboro have such national appeal?

Forbes interviewed painter John Vander Stelt:

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Best of the Twin Cities' most read categories

Whether you agreed with our picks or not, you guys seemed to love reading this year's best-of issue. Here are the ten categories that were clicked most.More »

Best of the Twin Cities: Readers' Choice Awards

best of the twin cities
You voted for your favorite people, places and things in the Twin Cities, and now you can see the result. Here are City Pages' Best of the Twin Cities Readers' Choice Award winners.

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Best Twin Cities bike shop? Watch the video

Few places in America can make the average person feel more uncomfortable than bicycle shops, where tattooed, emaciated men with shaved legs scoff if a customer has never heard of a barrel adjuster or doesn't know that Aero-spokes are sooo 2008. Thankfully, the good people at Freewheel are humble, kind, and patient. Check out the clip, and the rest of the Best of the Twin Cities.

Best Of Twin Cities 2010 // Bike Shop from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

Best place to walk your dog? Heel and watch

Craving canine companionship away from the soul-crushing rules of city dog parks? Let your dog sniff out some new friends at the Airport Dog Park just south of Highway 62. Watch the video, and then head to our 2010 Best of the Twin Cities.

Best Of Twin Cities 2010 // Dog Park from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

City Pages introduces 'e-Flipbook' of print 'Best of' edition


Our annual "Best of the Twin Cities" print edition flew off the shelves, but that doesn't mean you can't check out the full paper if you can't find one around town.

City Pages has just introduced a new "Flipbook" edition of our print product on the web. The electronic "Best of" edition allows you to see the pages as they appeared in print.

The new edition can be easily searched, downloaded as PDF files, and printed. All hyperlinks (in stories and ads) are clickable too.

Check it out here.

Starting May 20, all weekly editions will be found on our site as flipbooks. Don't worry; you can still find the print edition on the stands too!

Best Google Map of the Twin Cities


No need to study the paper if you don't want to - we've got your 2009 Best Ofs right here. Curious what's in your neighborhood? Going to plan a multi-stop trip to hit the highlights of our fair towns? Just want to look at how many more Minneapolis establishments compared to ones in St. Paul received Best-Ofs?

Whatever your geography needs, pop on over to our Google map and click around.