Betty McCollum calls on Zygi Wilf to publicly condemn Redskins nickname

McCollum to Wilf: "The time for debate has ended -- the name of the Washington franchise is clearly an offensive racial slur."
One surprising revelation in Chris Kluwe's nuclear account of alleged homophobia within the Vikings organization is that Zygi Wilf is actually a staunch supporter of gay rights.

Kluwe wrote that before a September 2012 game, right as the marriage amendment he was so outspoken in opposing was becoming a huge political issue in Minnesota, Wilf approached him and said, "Chris, I'm proud of what you've done. Please feel free to keep speaking out. I just came from my son's best friend's wedding to his partner in New York, and it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen." (The results of the Vikings' investigation into Kluwe's allegations are set to be revealed next week, so stay tuned for more on that story soon.)

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Betty McCollum leads charge to rid NFL of "demeaning" Redskins team name

Goodell to McCollum: "Neither in intent nor use was the name ever meant to denigrate Native Americans or offend any group."
Betty McCollum represents St. Paul in the House of Representatives, but as co-chair of the Congressional Native American Caucus, she's leading the charge to get a D.C. sports team to change its name.

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McCollum and eight other Congress members recently wrote a letter to Washington Redskins owner Dan Synder urging him "to change the name of your NFL franchise."

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Al Franken didn't want to talk gun control on Friday; Betty McCollum did

franken mccollum.jpg
In the hours after the Newtown shooting, McCollum (right) was in a much more political mood than Franken.
In the wake of a tragedy, when is it appropriate to start talking about its political implications?

-- Betty McCollum speaks out on Arizona shootings [VIDEO]
-- Al Franken doesn't want mobile app companies to sell your location data without permission

Unfortunately, that's a question elected officials had to face Friday following the horrible school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, and comments made by Senator Al Franken and Representative Betty McCollum illustrated how politicians from the same party answered it differently.

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New Stillwater bridge: As deadline and redistricting loom, pressure is on Bachmann

st croix crossing.jpg
A rendering of the controversial freeway-style bridge design currently on the table.
After the upcoming election, Michele Bachmann will no longer represent Stillwater. Nonetheless, she remains "absolutely committed" to building a new Minnesota-to-Wisconsin bridge in the Stillwater area.

Time is running short for the bridge design currently under consideration. In response to a letter from Gov. Dayton informing her that the state will use money set aside for bridge construction for other transportation projects if the U.S. House doesn't approve the bridge by March 15, Bachmann said she remains devoted to "seeing the project through to completion."

The Stillwater area is now in Betty McCollum's 4th congressional district. McCollum, an opponent of the four-lane freestyle-style bridge design currently under consideration, issued a statement saying "Dayton is right that the burden of passing this legislation squarely rests with Congresswoman Bachmann."

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Redistricting puts Bachmann and McCollum in same district, but Michele will run elsewhere

Despite living in the redrawn 4th District, Bachmann will run in the more suburban 6th District.
The panel charged with drawing the state's new political boundaries released their long-awaiting redistricting maps this afternoon.

Unless you're a hardcore political wonk, there aren't too many newsworthy changes to discuss, with one exception -- the redrawn maps lumped together U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, D-St. Paul (formerly of the 4th congressional district) and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Stillwater (formerly of the 6th congressional district).

In other words, the redrawn maps have both McCollum's and Bachmann's residences in the same congressional district, presumably setting up a very entertaining showdown between the two this November. Right?

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Betty McCollum wins military band spending battle

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mccollum new handout.jpg
McCollum says the Pentagon doesn't need anymore band aid.
Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum looks at the $324 million requested by the Pentagon to fund its 5,000 professional musicians in 154 military bands, and she sees the possibility of saving the taxpayers some money.

And the Republicans in control of the House are all about cutting the budget, right? So she offered an amendment in June to the 2012 Defense Authorization bill to cap the expenditure at $200 million. And it passed.

But a funny thing happened to the amendment when it fell into the hands of Texas Republican John Carter: He succeeded in having McCollum's amendment struck on a voice vote Wednesday night, and the $324 million was restored.

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Betty McCollum doesn't hate NASCAR, just the Army sponsoring NASCAR

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Thumbnail image for mccollum msnbc.JPG
McCollum has touched a NASCAR nerve.
DFL Rep. Betty McCollum insists she does not hate NASCAR, she just can't figure out why taxpayers need to help sponsor a NASCAR driver and team already worth millions of dollars.

Republicans have squelched her amendment to defund the $7 million program. She's received racist hate mail because of her stand. The woman has struck a nerve.

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Downsize the Army NASCAR sponsorship: Comment Of The Day

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for army nascar.jpg
Your tax dollars at work.
Rep. Betty McCollum isn't backing off her efforts to defund the U.S. Army's NASCAR sponsorship.

Booyah, says commenter commonsensebroad.

"If some business wants to waste their money "sponsoring" some sports thing, that's their problem - they have to answer to their shareholders. But this is a government entity doing the 'sponsoring."

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Betty McCollum promises to fight Michele Bachmann's bridge

mccollum bachmann 2shot.jpg
McCollum promises to stymie Bachmann.
We have a congressional border spat.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum wants to know why, if Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the federal government are all broke, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann wants to build a $700 million bridge over the St. Croix River.

Bachmann, who complains that "porking" has gotten out of control, is pushing an "excessive and irresponsible project, both unwise and improbable," McCollum says.

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Betty McCollum hits gas on defunding Army's NASCAR budget

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Thumbnail image for army nascar.jpg
NASCAR and the Army: Your tax dollars at work.
Rep. Betty McCollum found herself the target last week of a racist fax message after she tried to defund the U.S. Army's budget for sponsoring a NASCAR car, and Republicans put the kibosh on her effort.

But the St. Paul Democrat has switched gears and hit the gas on a new proposal aimed at accomplishing the same thing, and then going even further: She wants to repeal tax breaks for track owners, as well.

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