The Twin Cities Has a Pathetically Low Number of Bars Compared to Other Northern Cities

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Will Conley via Flickr
We could use a few more bars
A Portland-based think tank found the Twin Cities barely has two bars for every 10,000 workers, placing us in the same stratosphere as -- gasp! -- Southerners when it comes to public access to spirits and gaiety.

City Observatory measured the 51 most-populous cities' bars per 10,000 workers and Minneapolis came in 32nd place with a figure of 2.3. The only northern city with a worse showing was Boston, which has two bars per 10,000 workers.

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Handicapping the Odds of Minnesota Becoming Freer, From Sunday Liquor to Sports Gambling

Do any of these bills have a shot at passing?
Legislators from the libertarian right and free-spirited left have teamed up this year to author a variety of bills aimed at legalizing stuff Minnesotans want.

The big one every year is Sunday alcohol sales, which by all accounts has its best chance in years of passing. There's also legislation in the works that would legalize fireworks, sports gambling, slot machines at airports, and experimental drugs for cancer patients.

Could Minnesota be on the cusp of becoming a much more fun (and dare we say free?) place to live? Let's set some odds.

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Rep. Joe Atkins Reverses Course: There's No Evidence of Powdered Alcohol's Danger

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Photo by TMAB2003

Mark Phillips, the mastermind behind Palcohol -- powdered alcohol -- probably feels like everyone's out to get him right about now.

His just-add-water booze novelty won't be available for mass consumption until February 2015, but lawmakers across the country are preemptively aborting it from liquor store shelves. Their reasoning: Folks are gonna start snorting it and kids will want to sprinkle it over their Wheaties.

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Drunk Santa Zombie Scares Bejesus Out of St. Paul Teens

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Photo via The Smoking Gun
Though he wasn't booked into jail, the St. Paul PD confirms that this is a photo of Johnson.
A 14-year-old boy was washing the dishes in his St. Thomas-area St. Paul home around 9:45 p.m. Saturday night when he and his 16-year-old sister got the scare of their lives.

Through the door suddenly walked a drunken zombie in a Santa Claus suit, later identified as Brock Johnson, a 21-year-old St. Thomas senior who had apparently been out partying on the night of the Zombie Pub Crawl and was so blasted he thought he was actually back in his Roseville residence.

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MADD calls upon Minnesota to legalize sobriety checkpoints

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving gave Minnesota low marks in its new state-by-state evaluation of DWI laws.

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MADD, in particular, calls upon state lawmakers to legalize sobriety checkpoints, writing that they "will give law enforcement the tools needed to cut drunk driving fatalities." (The organization also recommends requiring ignition interlocks for all convicted DWI offenders.)

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Eden Prairie employees offer amusing excuses for selling alcohol to minors

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Eden Prairie police recently ran stings at city businesses that hold liquor licenses to make sure they aren't selling alcohol to minors.

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According to the Sun Current, 10 out of 56 establishments failed the compliance check. And asked why they sold booze to underaged folks, three of the busted employees, in particular, offered up humorous excuses.

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Governor Dayton would sign Sunday liquor sales into law

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Minnesotans want to buy booze on Sundays. But in 2013, 2012, 2011, and so on, legislative efforts to allow Sunday liquor sales have been dead on arrival.

Today, the push got a shot in the arm. In an interview, Gov. Mark Dayton told The Associated Press that if lawmakers can pass a bill allowing Sunday sales, he won't stand in its way, and would sign it into law.

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I can't stop watching this drunk Vikings fan tumble down rows of Metrodome seats [VIDEO]

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This video nicely sums up the in-stadium NFL gameday experience -- profane, drunken, and stupid.

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Check it out:

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Zombie Pub Crawl Hangover: Lost and found at Bullwinkle

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Olivia LaVecchia
Blood splatters still stained the sidewalk Monday night outside Bullwinkle.
At 6:01 on Monday night, they started arriving at Bullwinkle Saloon on Seven Corners: the formerly undead, this time on the hunt not for brains (or Brain Belt Beer) but for phones. And driver's licenses. And wallets. And keys.

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St. Paul bars giving away one round of beers to government employees

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Quinn Dombrowski
Two words: free beer. But you only have until 6 p.m. to claim it, and you must be a government employee with a proper ID.

Four bars in St. Paul are offering one round without charge to make the first day of the government shutdown a little easier.

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