Uptown apartment company erects "Benghazi" billboard over Franklin/Hennepin [PHOTO]

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Aaron Rupar
At least one apartment company in hippie-dippy Minneapolis apparently isn't a big fan of the Obama administration.

The billboard at the top of this post, recently erected on top of Lowry Hill Liquors, towers over the intersection of Franklin and Hennepin Avenues. It was paid for by GreMar Apartments, which owns a number of buildings in the broader Uptown area.

-- Man-shaming pro-life billboard towers over Mpls intersection [PHOTO]

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YogaSoul Center says Eagan building owners used dirty trick to force them out

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YogaSoul Center has been open for more than five years in the Eagan Professional Building. But the business owners are unexpectedly being forced to pack up and move at the end of April, and they aren't at all happy with how it went down.

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Owners Tarisa Parrish and Susan Kulbitski say they signed a nine-month lease in December. The idea was to stay where they were at through the summer while looking for a bigger space to move into in the fall. But late last month, out of nowhere, they were approached by the building owners about signing a new, higher-rent, seven-year lease.

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Sauk Rapids satirist Dan McCall defeats the NSA

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All images via Dan McCall
McCall: "I was pissed. This sort of stuff has a hush effect on commerce and personal expression."
Shortly after the first Edward Snowden leaks hit the news cycle last summer and began to expose the extent of the National Security Agency's surveillance activities, Sauk Rapids T-shirt artist Dan McCall came up with what promised to be two hot designs.

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One of McCall's shirts paired the NSA's logo with this commentary -- "The only part of the government that actually listens." The other featured the Department of Homeland seal with its accompanying text altered to read, "Department of Homeland Stupidity."

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Lisa Bender tested by proposed Franklin and Lyndale redevelopment

Rendering via Star Tribune
This is the vision developers have for one of the Uptown area's busiest intersections.
New Minneapolis City Council Member Lisa Bender faces one of her first big challenges with the proposed redevelopment of the Franklin Avenue and Lyndale Avenue intersection.

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The project -- which would replace the surface parking lot, commercial properties, and Theatre Garage space currently on the southwest corner of the intersection with a glassy, six-floor mixed-use structure including 85 rental units, a rebuilt theater space, new commercial properties, and a large parking lot  -- doesn't sit well with some neighbors. Concerns range from the architecture to the building's height to the project's density to increased congestion.

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Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar not thrilled about prospect of Comcast-Time Warner merger

franken klobuchar rect.jpg
Today, Comcast, the largest cable and high-speed internet service provider in Minnesota and the U.S., announced that it plans to buy Time Warner Cable, the nation's second-largest cable provider, for just over $45 billion.

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But that news doesn't sit well with Minnesota's tag-team of senators, as both Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar expressed concern about how the deal might impact consumers.

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RIP, Uptown Blockbuster

:::: UPDATE :::: Anne Jeske, a project manager for Kraus-Anderson Realty, the company that owns the strip mall that was home to the Uptown Blockbuster, says there's no news at the moment as regards what business will move into the old Blockbuster space.

The Blockbuster store at 2224 Hennepin Avenue South went the way of the dinosaur at 5 p.m yesterday.

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Shelves were mostly empty during the store's final minutes, and with available-for-purchase fixtures strewn around haphazardly, the place had a half-torn-down vibe reminiscent of the one prevailing inside the Metrodome last week:

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Man pastes himself into local real estate ads in bizarre art project

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Phil Jones is the Banksy of the Minneapolis real estate industry.

For the past month, Jones has been pasting up pictures of himself dressed as local realtors as some sort of bizarre art project.

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Thomson Reuters mum about job cuts at Eagan campus

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Thomson Reuters campus in Eagan
Leave it to a multinational media and financial data company to stay quiet when it becomes the news. Thomson Reuters has acknowledged that it will cut some jobs at its legal publishing division in Eagan but won't say how many or when.

The layoffs had been expected, although until Thursday it was unclear whether the company's plans for layoffs would affect the 7,000-person workforce here. Some employees had no idea of the news, even as we contacted them late in the day. Presumably they still have a job.

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Fire at Macy's in Ridgedale Mall [PHOTO]

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Police Clips on Twitter
Fire is visible on the mall's roof.
Around 10:30 this morning, a fire broke out at the Macy's in Minnetonka's Ridgedale Mall.

According to a WCCO report, the fire is "in the roof of a construction area." The store has been evacuated and firefighters from a number of area fire departments have been called to the scene.

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Mills Fleet Farm commercial advertises that store will be closed on Thanksgiving [VIDEO]

Mills Fleet Farm is proud to be bucking the trend and staying closed on Thanksgiving.
On Thanksgiving, Walmart and Best Buy will open at 6 p.m., with Target opening a couple of hours later.

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But in a new commercial, Mills Fleet Farm trumpets the fact that its Black Friday sales won't begin until, you know, Black Friday.

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