David Carr, Deceased NY Times' Writing Star, Showed What the Human Spirit Is Capable Of

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David Carr didn't have to wait for God to tell him how great he is. It oozed from his pores.

A few lifetimes ago, I was parked across from Carr's desk. It was inside his office at Washington City Paper. I'd been assigned a freelance gig by a Minneapolis magazine to profile the Minnesota native who'd been hired to coxswain one of the country's most high profile alternative weeklies.

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Northeast Mpls resident has Santa hanging from noose in front yard, rock n' roll nativity scene [IMAGE]

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hanging santa.jpeg
Image by Tatiana Craine
If Mary and Joseph spurted blood, then Peterson's nativity scene would be something GWAR could be proud of.
A northeast Minneapolis man is generating a bit of Christmas-time controversy with a nativity scene that looks like something from a KISS concert.

SEE ALSO: Obama effigy hangs from Duluth billboard [PHOTO]

Matthew Peterson, a resident of the 2500 block of Polk Street Northeast, has in his yard a handcuffed Santa hanging from a noose with a chair kicked out from under him and a nativity scene featuring Mary and Joseph decked out in metal-style black makeup.

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Who's the best Incredible Hulk: The Rock or Adrian Peterson? [POLL]

rock AP hulk.jpg
Neither of these jacked-up dudes need fake muscles to pull off the Hulk.
When we first caught a glimpse of Adrian Peterson's awesome Incredible Hulk costume, we thought it couldn't be topped -- until we saw movie star and former WWE wrestler The Rock's rendition of the same outfit.

We're not sure who wore it better, so we're putting the question to ya'll. Who's the better Hulk? Take a closer look at each of their respective costumes and cast your vote after the jump.

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Drink and don't drive: Metro Transit offering free rides on St. Patrick's Day

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What would St. Patrick do? Probably take the bus home after a night of revelry.
As the infamous Dad Boner of Twitter fame says, "we can't wait for the weekend, you guys."

And this Saturday, of course, is St. Patrick's Day, the annual celebration of Ireland's patron saint drinking.

Planning to tip a few back? Know that you can leave that troublesome car at home without having to shell out a few bucks for bus or train fare.

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'Run Hadji Run' fireworks at Wis. store not so patriotic after all

Photo courtesy of moonbuggy
A Wisconsin fireworks store got a different kind of explosion this Fourth of July weekend. While the state is used to Minnesotans flocking over the border to get fireworks illegal in their own state, the store was bombarded with angry customers and Muslim groups who said their "Run Hadji Run" fireworks were flat-out racist.

The $30 fireworks package features men in traditional Muslim attire riding camels as a fighter plane flies overhead. On the back of the package, Uncle Sam is yanking the beard of another man dressed in traditional Muslim attire. Apparently this company's idea of a real patriotic fireworks celebration is pretty offensive to everyone else with some common sense. The Wisconsin store under fire has since pulled the product from their store.

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Enraged man allegedly shoots teen in neck for shooting off amateur fireworks

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Photo by Ha-Wee
Some people apparently can't get into the Fourth of July spirit. One St. Paul man was so enraged by the amateur fireworks in his neighborhood he took the problem into his own hands and allegedly shot one of the teens in the neck.

While a group of people were setting off fireworks in the street near E. Belvidere Street and Oakdale Avenue, one 14-year-old boy suddenly grabbed his neck and blood started flowing. People first thought he had been hit by a stray firecracker, but medics quickly realized he had suffered a gunshot wound.

Police tracked down and jailed a 49-year-old neighbor on suspicion of aggravated assault in the shooting. Officials believe he was so mad about the fireworks in his neighborhood that he shot the boy to make it all stop.

The teen is in critical but stable condition and is expected to survive.

Check out a video report and interview with the teen's cousin at WCCO.

Pedal for MJ? Free spinning tribute to King of Pop

Photo courtesy of Pedal Studios
We're all having trouble figuring out how to cope with the loss of Michael Jackson. Drunken "Billie Jean" karaoke attempt? Tried it. Imitation moon walks at the Pride Parade? Failed. A good day with the Jackson 5 VH1 movie and a box of tissues? We're better than that.

Well we think we've found the solution to your MJ depression. Why not ride it out with a bunch of fellow super fans while MJ belts it out in the background? Done and done.

Pedal Studios in Minneapolis is offering two one-hour Michael Jackson tribute rides. For free! Sweat out the pain, Jacko lovers.

More info on the rides:
Tonight (June 29) and Thursday (July 2) at 6:45 pm
Free! The rides are first-come, first-serve.
Pedal Studios
21 5th St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Minn. New Year's Eve: Only 28 drunk drivers arrested by State Patrol?

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There must have been a lot of idiot drunk drivers thanking their lucky stars this weekend when they made it home safe and without a DWI New Year's Eve. The Minnesota State Patrol announced that they arrested 28 people on suspicion of drunk driving from 6 a.m. Wednesday to 6 a.m. Thursday.

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New Year's Day open/closed reminders

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New Year's Day is a great day to do absolutely nothing if you can swing it. So in addition to your horrendous hangover, make sure you aren't screwed in other ways. Here is a kind reminder of what is open and closed New Year's Day.

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Celebrating Obama's victory in St. Paul: They're dancing in the street

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By Beth Walton via phone.

People were literally dancing in the street in downtown St. Paul as Barack Obama gave his victory speech. Young people in Franken T-shirts stood up in their car, flashing Democratic party signs out their window and waving their hands through the sun roof. A car of black teenagers whizzed by on Kellog Blvd, an American flag attached to the car's side mirror. They honked first and everyone else followed.

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