Concussed Christian Ponder continues shopping spree at Southdale [PHOTO]

On Sunday, Christian Ponder was concussed. But he apparently felt alright enough after the game to go to Target and pose for a photo with a Lions fan.

Yesterday, Concussed Christian Ponder continued his shopping spree at Southdale. TC Starlight writes that the photo at the top of this post was likely taken at the Champs location in the mall.

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Percy reportedly wanted out of Minnesota after it became clear Ponder "was not good enough"

Percy to Ponder: Peace!
Still slightly intoxicated from AP's mad dash to the MVP with the entire Vikings franchise on his back, Vikings fans tend to forget that for most of the season, second-year quarterback Christian Ponder was an unmitigated, Spurgeon Wynn-esque disaster.

-- Adrian Peterson on Percy Harvin trade: "I feel like I just got kicked in the stomach"
-- MinnPost, MPR bloggers ding Vikings reporters for getting scooped on Percy Harvin trade

But if a Yahoo report can be believed, Percy Harvin didn't forget. In fact, Ponder's ineptitude was the last straw prompting Percy to want out of Minnesota once and for all.

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Christian Ponder's arm looks pretty nasty [PHOTO]

ponder arm injury.jpeg
Shari Gross on Twitter
Not your run-of-the-mill bruise.
When Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder surprisingly sat out Saturday's game with a mysterious arm injury, it was inevitable that Purple observers would question his toughness.

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After all, Ponder, who got hurt when his throwing arm banged into a Green Bay player during the first half of the last regular season game at the Metrodome, played effectively while closing out that victory. With the season on the line on Saturday, the thinking was that Christian would surely suck it up and play. After all, isn't that what the Ol' Gunslinger would do?

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Christian Ponder marries Samantha Steele three months after saying, "I'm a lone wolf right now"

ponder steele.jpeg
Image by Tatiana Craine
In September, Ponder said of his romantic life: "I got nothing going on." How quickly things change!
Almost exactly three months ago, Christian Ponder told C.J. that football is his girlfriend. Well, if that's still true, it means he's cheating on his new wife.

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After no more than four months of dating, Ponder and Steele are now married. They tied the knot Monday afternoon in Wisconsin, 13 days after news of their engagement went public.

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